Dan Abrams and the Robert Mueller Conflict

Dan Abrams

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Dan Abrams is the host of Live PD. He has been the chief NBC “Fake” News legal correspondent and is currently the chief legal analyst for ABC “Fake” News. President Donald J. Trump has revealed the existence of “Fake News” and this bias has become the rallying cry of Trump and his supporters. Recently, Abrams has been commenting on the Mueller investigation of Donald Trump on ABC News, yet he has failed to tell his audience of his own conflict with the Mueller team.Robert Mueller Abrams Trump

ABC and Abrams have failed to disclose that his brother-in-law, Greg Andres, is a member of the Mueller team. Ronny Abrams, sister of Dan Abrams and a federal judge appointed by Barack Obama, is married to Andres. Both Judge Abrams and Andres served as federal prosecutors. Abrams Andres Trump

Rachel Hooper, a former prosecutor from the Harris County District Attorney’s Office, and a frequent guest on the KTRH Morning News, was asked to comment about Abrams and his remarks concerning the Special Counsel  and Donald Trump on ABC. Rachel has always been known as a great investigator. While conducting her due diligence for her upcoming segment with Shara Fryer and Jimmy Barrett, she discovered that Abrams had undisclosed bias about this subject matter.

Does Dan Abrams have a legal duty to disclose the fact that his brother-in-law is on Mueller’s team? No, but, he does have an ethical duty, as a member of the mainstream media, to disclose this obvious conflict with the viewers – to avoid the appearance of impropriety.

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