Harris County Republican Party Virtue Signaling

Virtue signaling is a liberal tactic that has a big brother – political correctness. Most of the riots you see in America today are happening because of virtue signaling and political correctness tools employed by the left together with the mainstream media. Today, virtue signaling came to the Harris County Republican Party.

The Simpson folks were quick to jump on Keith Nielsen’s post. This is virtue signaling at its worst. Without any consideration of Nielsen’s intent in making the post, the Simpsonites jumped on the virtue signaling bandwagon – I am better than you because “I know a banana next to a quote from Martin Luther King is bad.” Think about the person who first pointed this post out to you. Do you really believe that Keith Nielsen is racist?

Who uses these virtue signaling tools of the left in our local party? Who takes a knee with Colin Kaepernick, Drew Brees, Art Acevedo in the Harris County Republican Party? Who uses racism, virtue signaling, political correctness as a weapon? Who is better than Keith because they knew Keith was using a banana as a racist reference rather a message that the whole world was going bananas?

Our virtue signaling/taking a knee politicians are Lacey Hull, Dan Crenshaw, Ted Cruz, George P. Bush and the Paul Simpson sycophants. These folks use the tools of the left against their own. They are pretty much uniformly “Never Trumpers.” Don’t let Ted fool ya. His calling for Keith to resign is virtue signaling.

Lacey Hull Taking a Knee

This is, of course, being done because they love their favorite “Never Trumper” leader, Paul Simpson. I, for one, will never support any of these virtue signaling candidates participating in this conduct. You shouldn’t support them either because the next person they come after will be you. Virtue signaling and political correctness has moved quickly into our party and we need to pay close attention to who is using it and their purposes.

Remember who participates in such behavior at election time. These folks will sell you out in a moment’s notice to the left or the establishment. For them, it is about power as well and they are dying to replace Keith with another “Never Trumper” candidate.

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