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The Bet Simpson Bannon

There was a debate about what to do with Harris County Party Chairman Paul Simpson. Many wanted to censure him using the party rules. Put me in this category. I am not a precinct chair and have no say. My wife, Rachel Hooper, had a different idea, which was to remove Kevin Shuvalov and Mammoth Marketing Group as the party consultant. This all led to “the bet” with a former elected official that our southern border will close by the end of March.

The minute Rachel submitted her resolution to remove Mammoth from the party she won. The folks who placed Simpson in the chair position saw what happened with Rachel’s resolution and said former elected official called me. He wanted to have lunch that day if I could make myself available. I did change my plans and met him for lunch.

We met at the Houston Club in downtown Houston. He drove in and I just slipped through the tunnel and up to the top of One Shell Plaza. The club was quiet. I got there a little early and Katherine was there to greet me as she has for years. I asked her to place us in the more formal of the two dining rooms so we could have a more private conversation. I literally did not know what he wanted to talk about, but I guessed and teased him that he must have drawn the short straw.  

The conversation started with his hypothesis that we are experiencing a labor shortage locally and Americans are unwilling to do jobs/work in the construction, hospitality, and restaurant industries. I, with a wink and a smile, retorted no, Americans are willing to work but not at illegal alien slave wages. It is kind of a running joke between us. The conversation moved on and we began to talk of the broader issues facing the party and local economy.

This conversation occurred on February 19, following the February 3 Harris County Republican Party Executive Committee meeting. Simpson was given several timelines to implement Rachel’s resolution, the last one was to expire on February 17. Paul Simpson does not know my wife well. She is a very nice person with an incredible mind. She misses little and is super fast on her feet. You get them from being a trial lawyer in Houston. Rachel spends her life representing some of the largest corporations in America. They hire her to think fast and articulate their positions in court rooms, in hearings, depositions, and written legal arguments.

Rachel Hooper Resolution

Rachel Hooper Bet Bannon

Paul Simpson had no idea what was about to happen to him. Rachel loves her clients, and when it comes to something she is passionate about, well it’s game on. Rachel cares about Houston, Harris County, Texas, and the Harris County Republican Party. She is also passionate about her President. Our local party has been taken over by establishment, globalist, special interest, “Never Trumpers” so-called Republicans. No question that this group has been working against the Trump agenda in anticipation of the 2020 election. 

The cheap illegal alien labor crowd is broad-based. The success of this crowd depends on you paying for the healthcare costs for their employees. This is done locally through Harris Health, the county indigent healthcare system. These bad actors include home builders, the hospitality industry, restaurants, heavy and light construction, engineering procurement construction folks, beer distributors, and car dealers. Beer distributors and car dealers had gotten in on the action by selling alcohol to the illegal alien community. Car dealers are now allowed to sell vehicles to unlicensed and uninsured motorists. This adds a tremendous burden to your property taxes. Simpson’s job has been to not speak about any of this – a pro illegal alien agenda.

We talked about all of these issues at our lunch, which lasted about two hours. Said elected official and I had been friends for over 20 years. We always had good dialogue concerning issues. This was all before COVID-19 was on the radar of most people. No one had considered closing anything in Houston. The virus had just started taking lives in Italy, specifically Northern Italy. I did know something he didn’t – that the virus was about to change everything.

I told said former elected official that the powers that be and their businesses supporting Paul Simpson were not likely to survive the virus. I also bet him that, by the end of March, the US would close our southern border, which occurred on Friday. We bet dinner and I had visions of lunch at Tony’s. If I lost, I am sure I would be buying dinner at Pappas Bros. Steakhouse with a sommelier focused on very expensive wine on the French side of the list. Remember that this lunch guest hangs with rich country club establishment Republicans. 

I am not quite the futurist that I believe myself to be because I obviously did not think through the fact that if the border is closed, so will all restaurants. I have no way to collect. I did send him a text on Friday declaring victory. We did text back and forth when some Mexican official said that they wanted to close the border so we don’t spread the virus to Mexico. We had a good laugh when he explained the bet was no good if Mexico closed the border.

The disconnect we had over the bet was the understanding of globalism. I have always been with Trump on the idea that offshoring manufacturing was a bad idea. Most of the US manufacturing has moved to China, Mexico, and the Asian tiger countries. These efforts for greater profitability have wrecked our middle class. Cheap labor may give you greater profits, but at what expense?

Steve Bannon began talking about the virus and impacts to China in mid-January. On January 18, Bannon began reporting on what was happening in Wuhan, the capital of Hubei province in China.. Bannon, in the middle of the impeachment hearings, began pointing out the many thousands of deaths occurring in Wuhan. The President shut down flights and began quarantining people, which our country has not done for over 50 years. Democrats were consumed with impeachment.

Bet Steve Bannon

Bannon switched his radio/tv broadcast of the War Room 2020 podcast on January 25 to War Room Pandemic. The second hour of the program focused on the implications to China and the inevitable worldwide spread of COVID-19. So, when Republicans were moving to a war footing to fight the virus, Democrats were impeaching the President and calling him a racist and xenophobe for shutting down flights to China.

No question that Paul Simpson could not lead the party as we headed toward the 2020 election. The open border globalists have done enough damage. Now they have bigger issues than politics to worry about. We all do.

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