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For three consecutive election cycles, Paul Simpson challenged Jared Woodfill for Harris County Republican Party Chair. In 2014, Simpson won the position after claiming that Woodfill was engaged in malfeasance – allegations that the vacancy committee was rejecting qualified applicants and the party’s finances were troubling. These allegations were promulgated by a core group of supporters and/or consultants. 

Fast forward to August 3, 2020. We have now come full circle.

On Monday, Keith Nielsen took office as the Harris County Republican Party Chair after defeating Simpson in the primary election. Ever since Keith announced his candidacy for the position, Simpson’s sycophants have been working to ridicule, undermine, and demean Keith – at all costs. 

In the face of ridicule from Simpson’s sycophants and threats of personal harm and physical violence, Keith has admirably handled his responsibilities as incoming chair. Let’s be clear – Simpson and his staff have done everything possible to thwart Keith Nielsen’s efforts to take office. Simpson’s sycophants are on a mission to undue the March 2020 election. Their sole purpose is to unset a duly elected party chair. Simpson is the face of the resistance movement in Harris County.

As of this post, Simpson has failed to provide Keith with such basics as access information to the party’s website, social media accounts, and financial information. After multiple requests, no response. This resist tactic is learned from the other Never Trumpers. Hillary’s resist movement has taken a new face.

It gets worse. 

Simpson & Co. have continued to fill local media with negative comments about Keith. Instead of relinquishing control over the party’s social media accounts, Simpson has allowed his crew of resistors to misuse the party’s social media accounts to disparage Keith. In reality, it is designed to thwart the President’s efforts in Harris County.

Transition Transition Paul Simpson
Transition  Paul Simpson Harris County Republican Party

It is clear that Simpson and his resistors will not stop. Paul Simpson is no different than Hillary Clinton. For the last few years, Simpson (with the help of Kevin Shuvalov and Mammoth Marketing) used President Trump as the excuse why Republicans have been losing in Harris County under Simpson’s tenure. Instead of embracing President Trump, Simpson & Co. put President Trump in a corner in Harris County. Literally. Simpson & Co. stacked up President Trump’s signs in the back corner of the HCRP office. When you walk into the Harris County Republican Party office now, you will see the difference.

Paul Simpson is really more of a Lincoln Project member than an actual Republican. Simpson and his resistors are endangering the Trump campaign and every other Republican campaign in Harris County. Simpson & Co. have no intention on coming together for victory in November. They are in full resistance mode with the defeat of the President as the goal. This was the design all along. Now, with Simpson as outgoing chair, it is clear that he hates blue collar, social conservatives.

Key resistor Mary Jane Smith is now seeking to become party secretary. Simpson placed her on the Advisory Board during his troubled tenure that led to tremendous countywide losses. You may remember that Smith recently lost the District C race where her campaign strategy was to besmirch other candidates. For years, Smith has used gossip and innuendo as her campaign model as a political consultant. Not a leader. It was not enough for Smith to lose every countywide race in 2016 and 2018. And her own race in 2019. Smith came in fourth behind Greg Meyers. Now, Smith wants to mislead the 2020-2022 HCRP Executive Committee members and resist a duly elected party chair.

Mary Jane Smith

If it was not clear to you before, it should be clear now that Simpson & Co. do not care  about  winning elections. For six years, Simpson allowed Kevin Shuvalov and Mammoth Marketing to operate the party, which was a vehicle for political consultant enrichment. Simpson’s tenure started with the goal of preserving the open borders-globalist agenda of his benefactor, Democrat Dick Weekley. Keith’s election victory damaged this scheme and Simpson & Co. (including Weekley) are in full panic mode. This was recently evidenced by the fact that Weekley had two candidates in the faux county chair race – Dana Meyers and Meredith Iler.

The party’s finances are yet to be determined and many records are being hidden. One can only surmise that the party’s financial records are not positive. Otherwise, why would Simpson hide them from Keith?

What is known is the fact that Simpson, on behalf of the Harris County Republican Party, completed an application for Paycheck Protection Program funds. According to applicable campaign finance reports, the party received these funds! Let that sink in. This loan was signed and executed by Paul Simpson at Allegiance Bank.

This action and others are being investigated. Hopefully, the same folks who advised Simpson to challenge Josh Flynn’s candidacy are not advising him now. Will Hickman, Simpson’s legal counsel at the party, is on the November ballot. Hickman should push Simpson to provide all party records to Keith.  

I leave you with this thought. Years ago, a lawyer told me that when your adversary accuses you of something, investigate carefully because that is exactly what they are up to.

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    Great conclusion. “ Years ago, a lawyer told me that when your adversary accuses you of something investigate carefully because that is exactly what they are up to.” I think more than ever, now is the time to play offense because the Dems are have commutes to engaging in an all out disinformation war against the President. That is how desperate they are. They are deliberately misleading the public on policies that affect their civil liberties and they are doing it through the social media. Simpson also needs to give up those login credentials because this really makes him look bad.

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