Where does the Buzbee Campaign Go From Here?

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Tony Buzbee Goes From Here
Tony Buzbee

Tony Buzbee has no ad buys as I type this morning for his mayoral race. Tony’s election night speech gave doubt to many, especially in light of his prior DWI. When Tony sought to remember 1980, my lovely wife’s reaction was, yes, I remember, but Tony’s girlfriend wasn’t even born in 1980. Where does the campaign go from here?

It was clear that Buzbee supporters who attended the Harris County Executive Committee (HCRP) meeting last Monday night wanted to see Tony. He had attended the prior two HCRP Executive Committee meetings, but he was MIA on Monday. It was clear that many Buzbee supporters expected a resolution to endorse Buzbee in the runoff election. No such resolution was made.

In the past, Buzbee’s supporters and campaign workers distributed Buzbee stickers to precinct chairs to outwardly represent their support. On Monday, no stickers were visible or available.

The elephant in the room reared its ugly head late in the evening when a brand new precinct chair grabbed the microphone and asked, “When are we going to talk about Tony Buzbee?”

The comment arose during debate on a series of resolutions related to the City of Houston runoff election and the upcoming primary election. The HCRP approved a resolution to support Mike Knox (At Large 1), Willie Davis (At Large 2), Michael Kubosh (At Large 3), Anthony Dolcefino (At Large 4), and Eric Dick (At Large 5).

The Buzbee comment came during debate on the so called “pay to play” resolution. Amid the crowd’s murmur, current HCRP Chair Paul Simpson invoked Robert’s Rules of Order and told the precinct chair that her comment was not germane to the topic. The sound of silence was deafening.

This campaign for the future of our city will be interesting. On Thursday, the firefighters endorsed Buzbee. In order to make a run for the city, the conservative council candidates will need Buzbee to spend his money, which will symbolize his dedication to our city.

Tony Buzbee Houston Firefighters

While the firefighters were announcing their Buzbee endorsement, word spread that the feds were down at city hall. The focus seems to be the debris removal contracts related to Harvey. If Sylvester wins, he may quickly be marched out in handcuffs. Long overdue. This creates a real opening for the Buzbee campaign.

The votes are there for Buzbee if he can get back in the fight.

Buzbee City of Houston

Photo credit to Emma Whalen [@_emma_whalen].

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