Dana Myers

Dana Myers has been lurking around the Harris County Republican Party for a few years. Myers suddenly appeared out of nowhere as the vice chair for then Harris County Republican Party Chair Paul Simpson. After Cindy Siegel was narrowly elected on the third ballot, Myers served as Siegel’s vice chair.

It has not been a good time for the Harris County Republican Party. Under Simpson and Siegel, [losing] consultants were the big winners. Simpson turned the party over to Dick Weekley operative Kevin Shuvalov and the rest may we say is history. It is clear that Myers seeks to bring this Weekley brand to the state party.

The history of Myers and the party is unremarkable to say the least. No winning campaigns. No campaign involvement beyond her family. Certainly not a go to person for party fundraising. A quick search of the Myers campaign donations is concerning: Texans for Lawsuit Reform (TLR) and Associated Republicans of Texas (ART). These organizations work against grassroots conservatives and stand for liberal, open border policies – the opposite of the current state party majority led by Matt Rinaldi.

Long before Dick Weekley was orchestrating the impeachment of Ken Paxton, he was busy running the Harris County Republican Party into the ground and making Houston a sanctuary city. Weekley spent a fortune getting Paul Simpson elected Harris County Republican Party Chair. After multiple failed attempts, Weekley and Joe Straus finally sent political consultant Kevin Shuvalov to Houston to get Simpson elected. A few years later, Myers was placed as Simpson’s vice chair. Harris County has never been the same and the democrats have created a hellscape of violent felons running loose terrorizing the community. Myers has never mentioned the crime wave unleashed by her sponsors.

Myers then took her odd presence to the Republican Party of Texas. After a failed term by her Texas Federation of Republican Women friend Cat Parks, Myers put her hat in the ring for state party vice chair. Many good Harris County folks knew better, but people failed to listen to the warning.

Over the last few years, good conservative grassroots precinct chairs have seen challenges from liberals. One source of this is something called “Operation Wrangler” presented as precinct chair training. In reality, it was a way for the establishment to empower their liberal base. Myers worked with Parks to implement this “Operation Wrangler.”

Myers promised that she would support the state party chair, Matt Rinaldi, and the state party. In reality, she has done the exact opposite. She has not raised one dime for the state party and has consistently worked to undermine Rinaldi. Thankfully, Rinaldi is the strongest conservative leader that the state party has ever seen. Meanwhile, the Hooper “I told you so” file, once again, has to be cracked open and crammed inside.

Those who promoted Myers as vice chair are now trying to promote her as chair. Hopefully, the delegates will remember that Myers was not on the front lines of any of the recent conservative fights. Myers was not supporting Ken Paxton against TLR and Drunk Dade. You never heard Myers once discuss the Harris County/Houston mess (sanctuary city, crime wave) created by Weekley and the Arnold Foundation. Myers does do a good job taking credit for the hard work of others – this is where she excels.

Delegates need to look closely at the record of Myers at the state party. Myers claims to be some election integrity expert, but where was she on November 8, 2022? She traveled the state claiming some expertise that she simply does not have. She takes credit for the ERIC legislation, but that work was done by others. Senate Bill 1070 was almost taken down on a point of order, which was overcome by the work of others. Said simply, Myers is all talk.

Myers is a terrible candidate for state party chair. She has stood in contempt for the conservative initiatives that were so successful in getting many great conservatives elected just a few weeks ago. We cannot afford this attempt by Weekley/Straus/TFRW/TLR/ART to give the state party to the establishment, consultant class.

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