Do Not Vote for Briscoe Cain

Briscoe Cain is the worst lawyer and legislator in Texas. The idea of removing Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton with no evidence appealed to Briscoe – he voted for impeachment and promoted it within the so-called “Freedom Caucus.” Cain doubled down on impeachment by acting as an impeachment manager during the trial in the Senate and promoting the impeachment hoax back home in Deer Park. When the impeachment and attempted removal of Ken Paxton failed, Cain didn’t ask for forgiveness, he kept at it for his benefactors – Texans for Lawsuit Reform, Dick Weekley, and Dade Phelan. Do NOT vote for Briscoe Cain should be on the mind of every HD128 voter.

Poor decision making is not new to Briscoe. During the last election cycle, he first endorsed Martina Lemond Dixon for Harris County Judge, a Kevin Shuvalov/Dick Weekley candidate. Kevin runs Mano DeAyala’s office when not shucking and jiving for Dade Phelan. After Dixon came in third in the County Judge primary election (with Randy Kubosh on her heels), Briscoe sought to convince everyone how poor his judgment actually is by then supporting Dick Weekley back up candidate, Vidal Martinez. Martinez was walloped in a primary runoff election by Alexandra Mealer by a margin that will be talked about for decades.

During law school, Cain clerked at Woodfill & Pressler. Funny thing that Briscoe is completely missing from the media’s recent dump of stories about Jared Woodfill and Paul Pressler. You gotta wonder whether Cain is a source for anti-Christian writers like Robert Downen of the Texas Tribune.

Some readers may remember Briscoe’s 2016 campaign against incumbent representative Wayne Smith. In that primary election, pro-Smith fliers made certain suggestions about Briscoe. Steve Hotze came to Briscoe’s defense and Allen Blakemore, Smith’s political consultant, accused Briscoe of using the fliers as a “publicity stunt.”

When Briscoe won that election, he sought an identity. He joined the Freedom Caucus, but was always overshadowed by true conservatives. Ultimately, Drunk Dade and friends gave Briscoe a seat at the big boy table with a committee chairmanship – Elections. Briscoe made crucial public mistakes. On his watch, the punishment for election fraud was reduced to a misdemeanor. During the 88th Legislative Session, Briscoe was given another chairmanship – this time, Agriculture & Livestock. There is no evidence that Briscoe knows the first thing about agriculture or livestock. Maybe Bergundi negotiated that chairmanship. I can confirm that Briscoe Cain owns a cowboy hat.

This morning, the Houston Chronicle warned its readers to vote FOR Briscoe Cain. That’s right. The Marxist rag posing as the Houston public record supports Briscoe. Please run to the polls to vote for Bianca Gracia, a proven conservative.

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