Donald Hooper

Don Hooper is a conservative writer based in Houston.

Harris County Republican Party Virtue Signaling

Virtue signaling is a liberal tactic that has a big brother – political correctness. Most of the riots you see in America today are happening because of virtue signaling and political correctness tools employed by the left together with the mainstream media. Today, virtue signaling came to the Harris County Republican Party. The Simpson folks
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Paul Simpson Clint Moore

Clint Moore wrote this piece concerning the Harris County Republican Party before he passed. He shared it with me and others. It was posted on his Facebook page as well. I never really saw Clint on social media and his weapon was his telephone. These are Clint’s words speaking about Paul Simpson and his beloved
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Matt Morgan for House District 26

Matt Morgan for State Representative House District 26. After the 2018 elections the headlines in Fort Bend said it all….”When a blue wave washed over Fort Bend County” and “County clerk’s office shows Fort Bend Voters opted for Democrats in virtually every Countywide race.”  You might think that after orchestrating the near complete wipe out
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il Bond Democrats Socialist

Harris County lost more than Ed Emmett in the November 2018 election. This election represented a sea change in criminal justice issues and the bombardment of the socialist agenda. A look at the bail bond consent decree signed by Judge Lee Rosenthal and who is behind it. Republican judges serving in the misdemeanor and felony
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Party of Principle Martin

Gary Polland says it best – “We can have a party of principles with no money or we can have a party with money and no principles.” If you have known Gary for any length of time, you have heard him make this statement. He is, of course, referring to the Harris County Republican Party.
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