Donald Hooper

Don Hooper is a conservative writer based in Houston.

Crime and Politics

Harris County crime and punishment is the story of socialist social justice warriors run amok. Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg has gone twice to Commissioners Court to ask for funding for 104 new prosecutors. Eventually, after the Harding Street murders, the Commissioners Court democrats finally relented on the request and gave DA Ogg a
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CD 7 Bush Hunt

Wesley Hunt is the establishment, pro-illegal immigration candidate in the Congressional District 7 (CD 7) race. You can tell this by his support from the “C” Club, which is a group of liberal, self-serving democrats who call themselves conservatives. Hunt would not be voting with the President’s agenda in Washington. You knew the “Never Trumpers”
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Buzbee Dismissal

Tony Buzbee, personal injury lawyer and mayoral candidate, recently came to the Houston Property Rights Association to speak about his mayoral campaign. I missed his appearance at the Downtown Pachyderm, so I wanted to catch his speech at HPRA. The crowd was a little larger than Barry Klein’s typical lunch bunch. Buzbee has created quite
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Voting and the County Clerk

Voting and issues with the new Harris County Clerk Dianne Trautman did not take long. This was compounded by the revelation 58,000 voters may have voted illegally by Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton. The latter is leaving liberals breathless. Voting occurs all the time in Harris County and City, State, and Municipal elections run on
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Erica Grieder Illegal Aliens

Erica Grieder and the Houston Chronicle does not want the United States government to count illegal aliens in the 2020 census. Greider, the resident “conservative” at the Chron, lauded a recent decision by a federal judge in New York that prohibited the citizenship question from the upcoming census. Grieder writes- “That was the right call
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