Harris County Republican Party Voters

Dear Harris County Republican Precinct Chairs and Harris County Republican Primary Voters,

I attended the Harris County Republican Party Advisory Board meeting via Zoom on Saturday, February 10, 2024. At the meeting, I asked whether there is a written agreement between the Harris County Republican Party and Harris County regarding the 2024 primary election so that Rodney Ellis is not running our primary election. The answer was NO. In short, Rodney Ellis is running the Harris County Republican Primary in 2024.

In its ongoing training of county chairs, on November 20, 2023, the Texas Secretary of State’s office gave a presentation on Election Contracts, Joint Election Agreements and Leases for Equipment. I guess Cindy missed this training.

On November 14, 2022, the “prospective-only injunctive relief” lawsuit was filed by the HCRP against Harris County. This case was dismissed by the court on January 29, 2024 because the HCRP lawyer missed a deadline. Normally, dismissals are filed by a party. Not in this case. On November 1, 2023, the trial court judge issued a notice that she would dismiss the case if HCRP failed to take action on the lawsuit. No action was taken by HCRP, so the case was dismissed. This lawsuit sure would be helpful right about now.

HCRP needs a change in leadership. Now.


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    This is why we lost 1/3rd of our Pct Chairs and we’ve lost the local government. NO LEADERSHIP!

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    Who do you support to replace her, and why are they better qualified and compatible with the HCRP Executive Committee?

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    OH MY!!! And I wonder who or what organization is forcing HCRP to use the failed Advantage app? The Abbott campaign?

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    I have told Cindy several times, I never voted for her, and I do not support her.

    The HCRPEC can do better, but we are losing Precinct Chairs at an accelerating rate.

    If Cindy is reelected, the chance of Harris County Republicans ever breaking Rodney’s iron grip is remote.

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    With whom would you replace her? Are they compatible with the Executive Committee?

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      Any of the above. Someone would have to convince me Rodney Ellis is NOT running Cindy Siegel.

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    Possibly it’s the Abbot campaign,
    which has a different GOTV strategy than the PCs.
    TxGOP gives candidates a Campaign Sidekick account.
    I don’t know of any campaign that uses Advantage.

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