Are Harris County democrats really going to nominate a white guy with a Republican voting history?

Hidalgo Teare
Sean Teare Lina Hidalgo

Since Harris County Commissioner Rodney Ellis came in to power, he has methodically worked to destroy the Harris County criminal justice system (or ecosystem, as Sylvester Turner says). The system, from peace officers to the crime laboratories to the jail, has been dismantled. No one has suffered more than crime victims.

Instead of fighting the bail reform lawsuits brought by East Coast “progressive” Marxist activists, Ellis and his Harris County Commissioners Court friends settled the ODonnell case and entered into a consent decree that removes the authority of elected judges from making bail decisions and costs millions to Harris County taxpayers. Additionally, Harris County has injected millions of dollars into the public defenders office while restricting funds to the District Attorney’s Office. Victims suffer while criminals are celebrated and they conduct is excused.

Ellis has been desperate to get rid of Kim Ogg, the only person who has stood up to Ellis’ gang. He could not do it in 2020; so, now, Ellis has teamed up with Hidalgo, Turner, the Houston Chronicle, and the small cadre of former prosecutors from old administrations. Ellis is using all his assets (from Texas Organizing Project to Jeff Cohen (former Houston Chronicle editor, senior advisor to Arnold Ventures, board member of the Houston Landing, husband of Hidalgo’s lawyer and rides bikes with Ellis) to accomplish his biggest goal yet – owning the District Attorney’s Office. Ellis’s printing press, the Houston Chronicle, writes negative story after negative story about Ogg absent facts and intellectual integrity. Ellis uses all of his minions to manipulate the local media.

Do democrat voters really know who Sean Teare is?

  • Voted in the 2008 Republican primary
  • Left the DA’s Office after three years to become a plaintiffs’ lawyer
  • Begged Ogg to join her administration as the chief of the vehicular crimes division (responding to major accidents throughout Harris County and making numerous (now seemingly self serving) television appearances)
  • Has received an enormous amount of money from three major donors
    • George Soros via Texas Justice & Public Safety PAC (paying millions for the incessant television ads)
    • Linda Turek ($114,000): a Montgomery County resident who typically donates to Republicans and owns companies that provide independent medical examinations to plaintiffs’ lawyers
    • Scott Freeman ($500,000): Freeman owns Sage Settlement Consulting, a structured settlement company that commonly provides tailored annuities for personal injury or legal settlements

Four years ago, on March 10, 2020, hundreds of Harris County residents and elected officials came together to oppose an takeover of Harris County Constables disguised as a “study of contracts held by constables under the Harris County Contract Patrol Program.” The agenda item was proposed by Harris County Commissioner Adrian Garcia. All Harris County constables, regardless of partisan affiliation, opposed the study.

After facing this mountain of criticism, Garcia withdrew the proposal.

Now, Ellis is closing in to having control of the entirety of Harris County government. Will Harris County democrat voters be strong enough to save Harris County?

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