Houston Chronicle Enters the Pay to play Slate Game

Houston Chronicle Editor Lisa Falkenberg wearing a Houston Chronicle t-shirt distributing the Houston Chronicle slate of candidates to voters at one of Houston’s largest polling locations, the West Gray Multi-Service Center. For years, the Chronicle criticized the Republican “pay-to-play” slates. “Hotze is evil, Terry Lowry is the devil, and Gary Polland takes bribes for endorsements.” Now, the Hearst Corporation has entered into the slate game.

Now we know that one of the state’s largest publications, the Houston Chronicle, had Editorial Board members standing at the polls, handing out a slate of their endorsed candidates. This is the definition of electioneering. Reporting objectively on the facts and details about candidates and their races is no longer good enough. I am stunned.

I grew up in Houston reading both the Houston Chronicle and the Houston Post. I remember when the Houston Post was acquired from the Hobby family by the Hearst Corporation. The gnashing of teeth and tension with the writers who were let go by the Hearst Corporation at the time of the acquisition was all the talk. It was the beginning of a long, slow decline for Houston’s newspaper of record.

Think Kim Ogg and all the hit pieces done on her by the Chronicle in this election cycle. The pushing of the Marxist narrative about investigating public corruption by a Democrat became the theme of the 2024 Democrat primary.

The Houston Chronicle deliberately undermined and interfered with the ongoing criminal investigations and prosecutions of public corruption. They worked directly with county officials and Sean Teare’s campaign operatives to undermine Kim Ogg in the public. I have already spoken with one state senator who is calling hearings to look at all public proceeds given to these leftist media outlets to promulgate fake news peddled as the truth to further a leftist agenda.


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    I remember the same. My mom preferred the Post. So sad when it was bought out. I’ve never trusted the Chronicle.

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    The Hearst organization has mastered “Yellow Journalism since the 1890’s.

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