Harris County

Hidalgo Teare

Since Harris County Commissioner Rodney Ellis came in to power, he has methodically worked to destroy the Harris County criminal justice system (or ecosystem, as Sylvester Turner says). The system, from peace officers to the crime laboratories to the jail, has been dismantled. No one has suffered more than crime victims. Instead of fighting the
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Harris County Republican Primary 2024 Sheriff Race

Harris County Republicans will have one race of critical importance in the 2024 election. The race for Harris County Sheriff directly impacts the county criminal justice system as the leader of county law enforcement and manager of the Harris County Jail. For years, the leftist media has criticized jail management and this critique has not
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Once again, the criminal courts lead the local news-former State District Criminal Court Judge Stacey Bond is a shining star. Most of the current Harris County misdemeanor court judges [15 of 16 are “Republicans”] are appealing Judge Lee Rosenthal’s injunction concerning the controversial bail bond practices. Following the latest court hearing, Republican Judge Mike Fields
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