Kevin Shuvalov

Party of Principle Martin

Gary Polland says it best – “We can have a party of principles with no money or we can have a party with money and no principles.” If you have known Gary for any length of time, you have heard him make this statement. He is, of course, referring to the Harris County Republican Party.
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Kevin Shuvalov Simpson

Harris County Republican Political Consultant Joins Fight Against Public Safety Harris County Republican Party consultant Kevin Shuvalov has apparently joined the fight AGAINST Houston firefighters. While he is supposedly working to elect Harris County Republicans in the November election, he is also working to support the Houston Police Officers Union and Sylvester Turner’s opposition to
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Slate Wars

Slate Wars Part DEUX The slate wars between the social conservatives and moderates continues in Harris County as early voting begins in the 2018 Republican primary. The Republican candidates in contested primary races find themselves caught in the middle of this battle of the slates. The party chair race is the focal point of the
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