AR-15 Used to Shoot Four Gun Store Burglars

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Houston Gun Store Has Shot Four Burglars Using an AR-15 Attempting to Break-In

AR-15 Burglars Shot
Full Armor Store Front Plywood

An AR-15 was used to shoot all four burglars caught trying to break in to Full Armor Firearms, a gun store on the Katy Freeway. A series of break-ins to this popular store and gun range started about six years ago.

There have been 23 break-in attempts according to James Hillin, the owner of Full Armor Firearms. I have spent a good bit of time with Hillin over the years, especially when he built a three gun competition AR-15 for me. During this time, I would often visit the store to tweak this custom, left handed gun. Lefties are always disadvantaged in shooting competitions, but James and his gunsmith did a great job of changing the odds in my favor. James and his team are true craftsmen.

Houston Gun Store Full Armor
Left Hand 3 Gun Competition AR-15

One day, I visited the store after someone attempted to drive a truck through the front of the building. There was a lot of damage. I later learned that a customer’s truck was stolen from his driveway a few blocks away from the store and criminals used this very truck to attempt to bust through the front of the store. The burglars were lucky on this day.

Gun Store AR-15
James Hillin Full Armor Employees

Full Armor locks up all of their guns in safes every evening. Thankfully, because of Full Armor’s diligent efforts, no weapons have ever been taken. Burglars have stolen other items such as remote control airplanes and helicopters. Yes, HPD he wants them back. But, the lack of success has not deterred criminals from attempting to steal guns from Full Armor.

When entering the store, it is readily apparent that the staff knows an awful lot about firearms and they practice often. In addition to the full compliment of weaponry, Full Armor Firearms operates a shooting range on their premises. Moving while shooting is very difficult and James has trained many deploying military folks over the years to run and shoot. This is truly the very last gun store in America that a burglar would want to enter. In fact, Full Armor burglars should actually have a stupidity enhancement added to their indictments.

Hillin and his crew are slowly working to reduce the unsolved burglaries in Houston. The ATF and U.S. Attorney’s Office are prosecuting the last group of burglars who entered the store – and were met with gunfire. These burglars were linked to another gun store burglary in Tomball and a kidnapping.

In the last six years, Hillin has seen 23 attempted burglaries at Full Armor. Four burglars have been shot with AR-15s by individuals defending Full Armor, but this news is suppressed because it doesn’t fit the left’s narrative.

Stephen Willeford, the man who defended Sutherland Springs, also used an AR-15. And, he was an NRA firearms instructor. I had the opportunity to hear Willeford speak at the NRA Annual Meeting in Dallas.

It is important to remember that people like Hillin and Willeford are our neighbors and friends. Next time you hear someone criticize AR-15s as “assault weapons” and owners of these type of weapons as evil, remember Hillin and Willeford. Go visit Full Armor and support a great local business. Note that he is closed on Sunday mornings and the sign on the door invites you to join him at Second Baptist Church.

Stephen Willeford Video


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