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AUSTIN – Earlier today, Cindy Crocker Asche and her campaign leveled an attack on RPT Chair James Dickey in his campaign for re-election citing a decade-plus old civil lawsuit which was settled. Asche is running against Dickey for RPT Chair.

Amy E. Davis, an experienced commercial litigation attorney and published author practicing in Dallas, is the attorney who represented Dickey in the lawsuit and made the following statement:

“Almost 15 years ago, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission filed a civil lawsuit to recoup losses sustained by investors in three related hedge funds. The suit targeted Conrad Seghers, the funds’ founder and individual responsible for soliciting investors and managing the funds’ investments. The civil suit also named James Dickey, who primarily performed marketing and bookkeeping for the hedge funds. Contrary to his opponent’s allegations, the SEC never filed criminal charges against Dickey nor did Dickey enter any kind of plea. Dickey settled the civil lawsuit against him as businesses do every day. 

“Far from shirk responsibility, Dickey fully cooperated with the SEC. Dickey and the SEC agreed the terms of the settlement would remain confidential, which is standard for settlements of civil matters. 

“Dickey maintained his position as a top executive in a multi-billion dollar insurance company after the settlement with no change in authority or duties.

“Dickey’s opponent has grossly misrepresented nearly every aspect of the claims against Dickey—knowing all the while he is unable to address the misstatements because of the confidentiality agreement. If I were his opponent, I would fire the lawyer who wrote the so-called breaking news release and remind them that this type of defamation is actionable.”

Chairman James Dickey released the following statement:

“So far in this campaign for State Party Chairman much has been said about integrity and the desire for truth and transparency to win out. I could not agree more with those sentiments and I have worked hard in the last 10 months to bring the highest level of transparency to the Party in all we do – finances, convention, primaries, meetings, and the day-to-day operations. We have passed every audit, raised record-breaking funds for the Party, and have found ways to be the best stewards of those funds, and we will continue to do so.

“Over the course of my life, I have been deeply committed and involved with the Republican Party – its ideals, values and principles. I have worked hard at all levels of engagement to prove to the grassroots that they can take me at my word. The faith our donors have placed in me as they give and sacrifice their hard-earned money has been enough to prove to the Party’s faithful that they can trust me with their time and treasure as well. I am confident that the growth our Party has seen in the last few months will continue, and, together we will keep producing winning results for the grassroots and for our Republican nominees in November.”

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    Thank you, Don! I can always count on you to set the record straight and put out the truth. What Asche and her minions are doing is truly reprehensible. One only needs to see who is in her inner circle and supporters to know that Asche is not the right candidate for Chairman of the Texas State Republican Party. Not to mention that her camp is made up of staunch Strauss supporters. Vote James Dickey!

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