Cindy Siegel’s Microphone

Cindy Siegel had one working microphone for the Harris County Republican Party’s quarterly meeting at the Kingwood Community Center. This works well when you are trying not to allow others to speak. Let’s talk about what was said.

Reported last night, one third of all precinct chairs did not file to run for reelection. Said differently, one third of all precinct chairs quit. They had enough. Siegel glossed over the issue and let Russ Long deliver the bad news. Long had to admit that HCRP has not seen this few precinct chairs since 2018. Siegel was just getting warmed up with the bad news.

Siegel awkwardly addressed the nomination of democrat Damien Thaddeus Jones last cycle. In 2022, Jones defeated conservative Republican precinct chair Rashard Baylor in the Republican primary election for House District 147. Jones immediately withdrew from the race leaving no Republican to challenge Rodney Ellis’s endorsed candidate, Jolanda Jones. Oddly, Siegel did not notify the precinct chairs of House District 147 to replace him. It’s that weird Rodney Ellis relationship again – kind of like when Siegel supported Clifford Tatum.

Damien Thaddeus Jones, Rodney Ellis’s former body man, somehow had a weird relationship with Alan Vera, Dr. Steve Hotze, and Aubrey Taylor. Jones was under indictment throughout the election and was convicted by a Harris County jury in October 2022 for coercion of a public servant involving an election. Let’s be real clear: this was an election fraud case. Siegel stood before the Harris County Executive Committee last night and told everyone that she is the gatekeeper for qualified candidates and this is why she failed to fill the ballot. Let that sink in.

The most dangerous democrat judges in Harris County, the judges who continue to release violent offenders on bond only to commit more murders of Harris County residents, are all unopposed. It begs the question, is Cindy Siegel working with Rodney Ellis? There is a pattern here.

Make no mistake, the Harris County Republican Party cannot campaign in the 2024 election cycle on law and order when all of these very dangerous judges are unopposed.

Let’s talk litigation. Cindy Siegel owes a lawyer over $300,000 for services to successfully remove Isabel Longoria. The very lawyer who brought the action to remove Isabel Longoria is unpaid. Although, the party’s campaign finance report shows a $75,000 payment to this lawyer, which is fraudulent. This is just the tip of the iceberg of the Cindy Siegel financial shenanigans. Maybe this is why the treasurer did not show up last night – it was his birthday. Wink.

Siegel’s history as the HCRP Treasurer is filled with refillings and corrections. Almost all of her filings from her time as Treasurer had to be refilled to comply with the law.

Now let’s talk election integrity. Siegel admitted to receiving $660,000 for election integrity, but none of this stopped her from agreeing to a joint primary with the democrats. Siegel gave a tortured explanation for agreeing to a joint primary. This has never happened before. Siegel blames her decision on a law that was supported by the HCRP and her chosen ballot security team. Read above about Alan Vera, Damien Jones, Steve Hotze, and Aubrey Taylor.

The idea of not debating resolutions has become a theme and a detriment of the Harris County Republican Party. The potential criminal activity associated with many of these issues goes unaddressed and unknown to the Executive Committee. The unpaid legal bills far exceed the cash on hand of the party. Siegel’s determination to line the pockets of her crony friends is destroying the Harris County Republican Party at a time when Harris County is hanging on by a thread.


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    Take her to trial and fire her! She should be in jail along with all other participants.

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    Harris County is not hanging by a thread. Harris County is in control by the Democrats. They do what they want. Republicans are just the minority opposition.

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    I was one of the people who voted to adjourn before debating the last 2 resolutions.
    Honestly, I thought getting home to my son was more important than discussing whether the State should start coining gold and silver money or whether the US should investigate British Intelligence over their involvement in the McKinley assassination and the fictional report of one of their former agents in 2016.

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      Interesting, they heard the other Lyndon Larouche resolution, very important to Cindy. I am sure.

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    Oh wow! Crazy news. Yeah, actually I wanted to say something at a mic after Cody’s push to use Advantage, but no mic handy and they were on the next item within 2 seconds.

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    I serve on the financial oversight committee and attorney bills were paid from funds raised $1,000,000 during Flordia Governor Santos spoke last year with 2 other speakers. $425,000 -+ was reserved for HCRP attorney fees.

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      Maybe you should have given the report since the treasurer was MIA at the last EC meeting. Thanks for reminding folks that Cindy brought in Governor DeSantis to headline the Lincoln Reagan Dinner. The point is that HCRP is limited to $5,000 contributions to judicial candidates. Paying the legal bills in excess of $5,000 to these candidates is legally impermissible.

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      That’s great, and I hope you know HCRP is limited to 5,000, per the TEC, on contributions to judicial candidates?

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    Who is better qualified that you would replace her with? Are they compatible with the Executive Committee?
    (Please do not delete this comment. Thank you.)

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      Why would you ask not to delete the comment. Do you think Cindy Siegel runs this blog? I actually believe debate and facts are good. Cindy definitely does not want the board of advisors, precinct chairs, and voters to know that democrats count our Republican primary votes and pick our polling locations.

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