Matt Morgan for House District 26

Matt Morgan Jacey Jetton

Matt Morgan for State Representative House District 26.

After the 2018 elections the headlines in Fort Bend said it all….”When a blue wave washed over Fort Bend County” and “County clerk’s office shows Fort Bend Voters opted for Democrats in virtually every Countywide race.”  You might think that after orchestrating the near complete wipe out of Republicans in Fort Bend County that Jacey Jetton, the Fort Bend GOP Chairman at the time, might take a step back from politics.  You would be wrong.

In fact, Jacey Jetton is currently on the campaign trail in House District 26 asking voters for an upgrade.  Even more incredulous is that at forum after forum he touts his “involvement in campaigns” as one of his biggest strengths on the campaign trail.  You might ask the obvious questions… “since when was losing Fort Bend County to the Democrats considered a “strength”?

To be fair, it is no secret that Fort Bend is in the midst of a demographic shift, and good candidates must find new ways to bring additional Republican voters into the fold.  In fact, Jetton has pitched during his campaign that he is the candidate with the skills to find, identify, and target the new voters needed to ensure that Republicans win in Fort Bend County.  The obvious question here is why didn’t he do that as County Chair?

In his last attempt to reach out to new voters in Fort Bend County, Jetton instead made national news by insulting members of the local Hindu community.  Nothing wins over new voters quite like insulting them!  Jetton, and the Fort Bend GOP, were forced to apologize,  but the damage was done.

Despite this, Jacey has gathered the endorsements of the status quo establishment from across the State.  As debate continues to rage across the State on whether Republicans will keep control of the Texas House in this pivotal redistricting session, it seems the “powers that be” in Austin have decided to hitch their wagon to the guy that lost Fort Bend County!

Fortunately, Fort Bend voters have a choice.  Matt Morgan is another Republican candidate running for State Representative in District 26. He is running an impressive grassroots campaign, having already knocked on over 8,000 doors across the District.  At a recent forum Matt highlighted how important it is to beat the Democrats in November and that no one would outwork him in that effort. 

“The number one thing we have to do to accomplish this is to connect with voters. The easiest way to connect with voters is to knock on their door, shake their hand, and talk to them about their concerns.”

Matt Morgan

Matt is a small business owner with a long record of community involvement.  He has been endorsed not by the Austin establishment, but rather by Fort Bend leaders who understand the pulse of the community.

His endorsements include former Fort Bend Sheriff Milton Wright, Fort Bend Constable Wayne Thompson, Congress PAC (an Indian American political group), several Republican precinct chairs, and most notably outgoing State Representative Rick Miller who said:

“I am endorsing Matt Morgan to be our next State Representative! I ask that everyone who has supported me in the past and who know me for my nearly 15 years in Republican leadership of Fort Bend County, to vote for and support him for election in the Primary. I strongly believe that Matt is the right person at this time…his heart to serve is not an ambition, it is what he believes he has been called to do.” 

Rick Miller
Rick Miller Jacey Jetton Matt Morgan
Matt Morgan And Rick Miller

In this race the choice is clear…do we want just another establishment candidate or do we want a fighter who understands the pulse of the district?  District 26 voters should vote for Matt Morgan to be their next Republican State Representative.

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