Shaun King Holds Houston Rally for Bernie Bros and Criminal Justice Reform in Houston

Shaun King Criminal Justice Reform

Shaun King holds Houston rally for criminal justice reform and Bernie Sanders. Murder is a pretty regular occurrence in Harris County. Gang members on most days will shoot and kill more minorities over drugs and other gang activity than will be shot all year by an AR-15. While gang murders typically leave the headlines very quickly, some murders shock the conscience of the Houston community. Seven year-old Jazmine Barnes was one of those murders.

Immediately after Jazmine’s death, local racists posing as elected officials and activists pushed the classic “the white guy did it” tale designed to whip up the community. Shaun King, a national racist/activist, immediately injected himself into this case to push the Jussie Smollett kind of story – white guys in MAGA hats did it. Sheila Jackson Lee showed up at a rally and said, “Do not be afraid to call this what it seems to be: a hate crime.” King offered a $100,000 reward leading to the white guy. In fact, even after King received a tip that the child’s killer was black, he continued to push the white male narrative. That narrative quickly unraveled and proved totally false. In truth, two black men were arrested and await trial for this capital murder. Both defendants were gang members known to the police. These two thugs, I had literally never seen a bond for capital murder before.

Capital Murder Bonds

King returns to Houston this weekend in support of Bernie Sanders – this time, as an “expert” on criminal justice reform. The criminal justice reform movement King represents is the Rodney Ellis form – race based criminal justice reform.

Socialist ideologues promote an idea of criminal justice reform and bail bond reform on the belief that minorities have been oppressed and, therefore, criminal behavior should be excused. I am not talking about pot or crack pipes. I am talking murder, the big M. This brings us back to our capital murder defendants Larry Woodruffe and Eric Black, the men actually accused of murdering Jazmine. Who are walking our streets out on bond.

I should mention that King, while pushing his white guy narrative, accused a man named Robert Paul Cantrell, 49, of murdering Jazmine. Cantrell ultimately took his own life while in custody for another crime in the Montgomery County jail. He looked like the guy in the description drawn by world famous sketch artist Lois Gibson. Lois based her sketch on a description provided by Jazmine’s mother, a woman with a lengthy criminal history. The real story about this “investigation” was the outright racism exhibited by King and his supporters. This is no different than the Jussie Smollett incident in Chicago. The only thing missing in King’s rendition was the MAGA hat.

The fact that Shaun King is hosting a criminal justice reform rally for Bernie Sanders says a lot about our local (democratic) socialists. Bernie Sanders has endorsed Audia Jones for Harris County District Attorney in her race against DA Kim Ogg.

Shaun King Socialist Bernie Sanders
Harris County Socialist District Attorney Candidate Audia Jones

Jones worked at the DA’s Office for five minutes. Okay, maybe ten. Jones tried four cases during her tenure at the DA’s office. All in welfare fraud, she lost three. These are pretty slam dunk cases with lots of evidence. This is a nice way of saying that she is unqualified for the job. But, this makes her Rodney Ellis, et al.’s perfect socialist candidate – perfectly qualified.