The Liberal Attack Against the 2nd Amendment Post Parkland

The Liberal Attack Against the 2nd Amendment Post Parkland

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The gun debate continues with the shameless exploitation of our children following the Parkland shooting.  I would like to take the time to thank the liberal mainstream media for leading one of the NRA’s most successful recruiting drives in history. No doubt that gun sales are skyrocketing as well. Gun sales had slowed after the leader in gun marketing, Barack Obama, left office. The NRA will not say how many new members have joined or upgraded their membership post Parkland, but the number is rumored to be over 500,000. I can tell you that my wife and I renewed our NRA memberships. Not only have we renewed our memberships, but we plan to attend the NRA Annual Meeting in Dallas.

Buck Sexton has it right, the gun debate is not about AR-15s, it’s about you.

Liberal exploitation of our children is to be expected but not tolerated. The left has crossed a bridge too far by this exploitation because the liberals are attempting to turn your children against you, liberty, and the Constitution. The left’s goal is to pit children against the NRA and their supporters. The teachers unions in Florida and Debbie Wassermann Schultz’s office are organizing the Parkland students and using them as puppets with the help of numerous left wing groups.

The goal of the left is control, which is hard with a bunch of free thinking gun owners. Supporters of freedom and gun ownership are independent, hard working, and do not rely on the police for protection. Liberals like Bernie Sanders rely on others with guns to keep safe. Liberty and independence are the opposite of liberalism and this is exactly what Mr. Sexton is talking about. The liberals want to disarm the conservatives and will use our own children to do it.

Make no mistake about the intent of the liberal left in this exploitation. Parents need to call out the left for exploiting children. One way that you can do this is to join the NRA. Take your children shooting or hunting. Teach your children independence, not dependence. Allow your children to speak out, sure, but exploitation is the bridge too far. Your children’s liberty depends on you.

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