Donald Hooper

Democrat Socialist Franklin Bynum

Democratic Socialist Fired for Theft Running for Judge in Harris County Franklin Bynum ran unopposed as the democratic nominee to Harris County Criminal Court-at-Law Number 8. The fact that he ran unopposed tells you how far left the local democratic party has moved in a rarely short period of time. However, that is not the
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Kevin Shuvalov Simpson

Harris County Republican Political Consultant Joins Fight Against Public Safety Harris County Republican Party consultant Kevin Shuvalov has apparently joined the fight AGAINST Houston firefighters. While he is supposedly working to elect Harris County Republicans in the November election, he is also working to support the Houston Police Officers Union and Sylvester Turner’s opposition to
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Abrams Donald J. Trump

Dan Abrams   Dan Abrams is the host of Live PD. He has been the chief NBC “Fake” News legal correspondent and is currently the chief legal analyst for ABC “Fake” News. President Donald J. Trump has revealed the existence of “Fake News” and this bias has become the rallying cry of Trump and his
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