Donald Hooper

Abrams Donald J. Trump

Dan Abrams   Dan Abrams is the host of Live PD. He has been the chief NBC “Fake” News legal correspondent and is currently the chief legal analyst for ABC “Fake” News. President Donald J. Trump has revealed the existence of “Fake News” and this bias has become the rallying cry of Trump and his
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James Dickey Responds

ASCHE ATTACK “GROSSLY MISREPRESENTED” FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE, April 19, 2018 CONTACT: JESSICA COLON, 713-256-4069 AUSTIN – Earlier today, Cindy Crocker Asche and her campaign leveled an attack on RPT Chair James Dickey in his campaign for re-election citing a decade-plus old civil lawsuit which was settled. Asche is running against Dickey for RPT Chair. Amy
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Sleeping Giant Harris County

Congressional District 7 (CD7) is a sleeping giant for Harris County Republicans.  Over the last few election cycles, local Democrats seemed to acknowledge this Republican stronghold by not challenging Congressman John Culberson. After CD7 voters chose Hillary over Trump in the 2016 general election, Dems have a renewed sense of entitlement. Republicans see this challenge
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