Chronicle Seeks to Lift Revenue CAP

Days after the disastrous pension bond vote, the Houston Chronicle today called for the lifting of the revenue CAP. This means, for those in Rio Linda, that the local newspaper is telling politicians that your property taxes should increase. Sly and the Chron repeatedly said no new taxes with these bonds. Suckers! I hate to say
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Pension Bonds the Untold Story

The Chronicle’s liberal spin on the pension debacle continues. It is disappointing that the Houston Chronicle’s newest liberal writer, Erica Grieder, is also taking the position that borrowing money for a debt you couldn’t afford in the first place is a good idea and good for our city. Last Sunday, Grieder wrote a story in
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Steve Bannon Headlines Remembrance Luncheon

One of the great untold stories about Trump’s campaign is his support of Houston’s own Maria Espinoza and her organization the Remembrance Project. President Trump embraced and championed the murder victims of illegal immigrants and their families. Many traveled with him on the campaign trail as did Maria. In the summer of 2016 Maria had
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