Pension Bonds the Untold Story

The Chronicle’s liberal spin on the pension debacle continues. It is disappointing that the Houston Chronicle’s newest liberal writer, Erica Grieder, is also taking the position that borrowing money for a debt you couldn’t afford in the first place is a good idea and good for our city.

Last Sunday, Grieder wrote a story in support of the Houston bonds. I exchanged tweets with Ms. Grieder concerning some of the pension issues and she asked me to get in touch with her so we could further discuss this issue. I reached out to her but she never responded. Shocker.

What I would have told Ms. Grieder is that Sylvester’s biggest lie to taxpayers is that a “yes” vote won’t cost anything and won’t raise your taxes. Turner and his cronies, including Jim Murphy, are pushing this belief. Written into the bill and bond language is the ability to repeal the property tax cap. This would have been a good conservative untold fact. Alas, not a Chronicle type of story.

Another great feminist point designed to appeal to liberal women Chronicle writers is the fact that HPOU has converted their multi-million dollar DROP payouts into non-community property in divorce proceedings. That would have been a great story of manipulation of the judicial system short changing ex-wives of the benefits of their spouses. This is all well documented with family law lawyers and former judges who are appalled at the situation. But, alas, liberal propoganda is the word of the day on the billion dollar pension bond, know as Prop A on your ballot

The Chronicle is headed the way of the Houston Press who just laid off everyone today. The Chronicle has never called out liberal politicians for falsehoods or misrepresentations. The city’s financial crisis exists because of unchecked fiscal irresponsibility and very poor coverage of the city’s financial crisis. The Houston liberal media is not a lot different than the national media. If fake news was a glass slipper, the Chronicle would be Cinderella.

Lt. Dan and Senator Huffman wised up and never mentioned the bonds again after they were embarrassed at the Harris County Republican Party’s Executive Committee Meeting. Both now have opponents. State Representative Jim Murphy also needs a primary opponent for supporting such an appalling money grab.

Murphy continues to try and convince folks that the cuts by the unions are real, yet he cannot explain them. C Club members appear before audiences such as the Kingwood Tea Party with HPOU President Ray Hunt spinning the bonds. Some folks are very desperate for cash and, make no mistake, a lot of money is being handed out to Republicans to support the pension bonds.

Of course, Hunt himself is running out the door with a large DROP account. We don’t know the amount because, through a series of Texas Attorney General rulings, the police union has prohibited release of information about the DROP accounts. Statewide public officials, including Ken Paxton, also receive contributions from the police union. When anyone asks for information, an AG opinion is issued denying the request. Ray loves to tell folks that he’s got that wired. He knows that if you find out what’s in the DROP accounts, the bond fails.

Run to vote NO on the pension bonds.

Thank you to all who supported the financial campaign against the bonds – fiscal heroes all.


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    It is telling on multiple levels that Erica opened up to DJ but wouldn’t respond to you.

    When I was growing up I was influenced by a neighbor that was high in the Pontiac division of GM. Those cars from 60’s made an impression and I was determined to be an automotive engineer living in the wealthiest city in the nation. Now Detroit is a disaster that was thoroughly predicted.

    I don’t want to stay here while Houston goes that route. Financial patches to cover debt produced by the same thing we saw happen there will happen here too. Services will be cut, police and fire will be reduced and our infrastructure will crumble all to pay for retirements for the second time. As the misery index climbs the exodus will feed the phenomena.

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      You are exactly right. It will be death by a thousand cuts. There is no way to repair any streets, add police officers, or anything else. The City must cut spending.

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    ** It is telling on multiple levels that Erica opened up to DJ but wouldn’t respond to you. **

    Grieder also neglected to contact Bill Frazer, despite quoting him (but not linking him) in her story.

    She was obviously aware of credible, dissenting voices. Yet she chose only to engage the “Vote Yes” contingent. That’s not an illustration of the objectivity that DJ touted, but it wasn’t all that surprising either.

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