Harris County Precinct Chair Removed From a Committee Meeting

Harris County Republican Party Precinct Chair Robert Jeter III was removed from the Training and Development Committee meeting. Robert is the duly elected representative of this committee by SD 11. He was escorted to the door and told to get out.

I will let you listen to Robert’s version of the incident.


Robert’s complaints are similar to those raised by others who have resigned from other committees. His complaints include bullying and intimidation by Simpson loyalists and Never Trumpers.


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    Fight Pasadena corruption Robert!

    Mayor Wagner is corrupt!

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    Was he elected or appointed by the vacancy committee? Also, he harasses long time activists and makes women cry on purpose……how is that okay?

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      I am not certain how/when Robert Jeter joined HCRP as a Precinct Chair. The process for being on a HCRP Committee requires being voted on by fellow SD11 members present on the night of an Executive Board meeting. Another person that was on the committee from his Senate District had to resign.

      His appointment to the Training & Development Committee was last fall at our last HCRP meeting. It is my understanding that on his Facebook Page there is a post (last November) where he boasts about “getting on the T & D Committee…. and “he doesn’t know squat about Training & Development”

      That would explain why he had nothing substantive to contribute to our Jan.14th first meeting of the year! (See my Rebuttal Statement should you be interested in what he contributed to that meeting… the events and outcome were not at all they way he has them presented, and no women cried either!)

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    Training & Development Committee Meeting – Rebuttal Statement:

    There are always 2 or more sides to every story. I do not know Robert Jeter III. I have also not worked with him on our committee since he was appointed to fill the vacancy from his Senate District last fall. We shook hands and greeted each other for the first time last Thursday.

    Last Thursday’s committee meeting was our first HCRP Training & Development Committee meeting of 2019. We had a lengthy list of agenda items that we were addressing in last week’s meeting, and the first item on the list required a significant amount of time since we are revising our 2019 training presentations/handouts/presenter roles, and planning an out of town field trip, and explaining things thoroughly to bring new members of our committee up to speed on things we’ve done in the past and discuss things we have planned for the future.

    A lot of fluid exchanges of ideas were being discussed in our meeting and at no time did Robert Jeter interject any contributing dialogue to our discussion nor did he volunteer to participate in any of T & D projects we were planning. Prior to the verbal eruption that ensued, Robert sat at the table watching & tapping his phone for at least an hour until he spoke up and expressed his frustration that the meeting topics were not being handled in a timeline he deemed appropriate. Our committee chair told him we were ironing out details and he said it wasn’t fast enough to suit him. He stated what he thought should be our timeline for brief discussion on any one item on the agenda list and the more he talked, the more outspoken he became. It was at that point in time that I spoke to him and tried to calm him down by asking him to be more patient. I did say, “he had not been on our committee long enough to know how we do things”, in hopes that he would calm down and volunteer to do something beyond play with his phone and complain; that simply did not happen.

    Instead, Robert grew more and more impatient and his disruptive interjections went from being that of an impatient observer to that of a disruptive antagonist who made accusations of blame for Republican election losses directed to a member of our committee and our Party Chair.

    In looking at a number of Robert’s social media posts and comments, it appears that he takes pride in the deliberate, disruptive behavior he brags about in meetings he attends; meetings not limited to HCRP.

    There is a history of heated exchanges between Robert Jeter and a fellow committee member that began (and escalated) sometime last spring. I am not involved with any of these political debate topics or exchanges, nor do I want to be.

    It is unfortunate that Robert Jeter’s comments in our committee meeting escalated to the level they did last Thursday, but he wanted to continue his verbal attacks toward a fellow committee member during our meeting and would not observe the very “decorum” he expects of others!

    To say our meeting “got out of hand and was not called to order” is a factual statement. I expect more of leadership in any meeting. However, the escalated attacks did not originate from anyone in our T & D committee meeting but Robert Jeter III.

    The verbal exchanges in our meeting did escalate to a level where the only non-violent thing that could have happened next was for someone to leave the room.
    After Robert made all the accusations he seemingly came to express, he left the board room voluntarily and also left the building voluntarily when asked. He was not thrown out of the meeting, nor was he thrown out of the building!

    The facts:

    1) At no time was Robert Jeter “kicked out” of our committee meeting. He was asked to stop verbally attacking a fellow committee member and our Party Chair, Paul Simpson or leave the room. This is a far cry from being kicked out of room or a building.

    2) A committee member did NOT ask him to leave, a fellow member of our Party who was sitting in on our meeting did (once he was outside the Board Room).

    3) Although Robert was verbally attacking others, he was not threatened by anyone at HCRP, nor did anyone call the Police last Thursday.

    4) I am not aware of anyone on the T & D committee that expresses any anti-Trump sentiment; if they do have issues with our President, they certainly never express it during our meetings!

    *** I have been a TRUMP supporter since Day 1 when he announced his candidacy and I do not appreciate being labeled by Robert Jeter as anything less!

    While Robert Jeter III is an elected member to our Committee, his disruptive presence last Thursday was not appreciated; nor would it have continued to be tolerated. Like he said: “some of us drive an hour or more to get to HCRP Headquarters, and we all appreciate efficiency in handling business during committee meetings”. He did mention he had been at HCRP since 3 pm that day and perhaps he was tired and anxious to get back home; however, his fatigue does not excuse his outbursts and disruptive verbal attacks toward anyone on our committee. Addressing Robert’s “feelings” toward any member of our T & D Committee (or anyone else) was also not on our agenda last Thursday!

    Out of respect for the rest of us who are not engaged in his and others’ political bickering, I would appreciate Robert Jeter’s SD Chair consideration of all the facts surrounding the chaos of last week’s committee meeting and ask him to suggest ways for Robert Jeter III to work with others on our committee to be a contributing member should he continue to remain.

    If Robert Jeter III has political viewpoints different from others on our committee, (or with anyone else in the Harris County Republican Party), everyone else in Our Party would appreciate it if he could address those issues on his personal time to allow the rest of us to advance the Conservative agenda and help elect Conservative Candidates in future elections.

    I don’t know of anyone on our Committee (besides Robert Jeter III) who aspires to be engaged in political discourse with anyone but Democrats!

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    I saw his video and had recently spoken with another committeeman who quit another committee for the exact same reason. And, of course you have the always controversial Charlotte Lampe who seems to offend many.

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    There is obviously a big issue within the training and development committee, mainly Charlotte Lampe as to the fact that she and her husband blocked me from entering the bus for a HCRP field trip to Austin put on by T&D. I was Completely unaware of any issues until after the incident. I believe I was targeted because I was talking to Mr. Jeter.

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