Erica Grieder Does Not Want to Count Illegal Aliens

Erica Grieder Census

Erica Grieder and the Houston Chronicle does not want the United States government to count illegal aliens in the 2020 census. Greider, the resident “conservative” at the Chron, lauded a recent decision by a federal judge in New York that prohibited the citizenship question from the upcoming census.

Grieder writes-
“That was the right call — and Texans, in particular, should breathe a sigh of relief.

Then, we should shake a fist at our Republican leaders. They have plenty of time to file ideologically motivated lawsuits and to give President Donald Trump personalized tours of the Rio Grande Valley. But they never bothered to object to the inclusion of the question on the decennial Census in the months after the change was proposed last year by Wilbur Ross, the Commerce secretary.”

Let’s think about what this decision means for Houston and Harris County residents and our financial stability. The biggest cost to local taxpayers is education. Think about the number of illegal aliens registered to attend HISD schools. The next biggest local cost is healthcare. Harris Health, operated by Harris County, is the entity providing healthcare services to illegal aliens. Third, our criminal justice system is burdened by illegal aliens. Think about the angel families.

Given the obvious relationship between our economic viability and illegal aliens, why would a member of the media argue for less information? We really need to pay attention to why Ms. Grieder is making this argument.

HISD is in turmoil. An understatement, I know, but true nonetheless. Political correctness is devouring HISD and ruining education in Houston. Make no mistake, the fight at HISD is over illegal immigration. The African American HISD board members are fighting with the Hispanic HISD board members over money and resources. Most illegal aliens from Central America enter our country having received little or no education. And, now, we are expected to educate these children – to TEA standards.

The cost is astronomical: ESL, remedial education, bilingual teachers, and security. And these costs are taking money away from citizens. These funds used to help remediate our children and help support the African American community and traditionally black schools within HISD. It is crucial to understand that the increase of illegal aliens in HISD also means the infiltration of transnational gangs such as MS-13.

But, no one in our community wants to bluntly face facts. No one can talk about any of this in the name of political correctness and multiculturalism. I am a white guy and I can see how that works. One thing is for sure, if you have been paying attention to the HISD board meetings, you know that the most racist, elitist elected officials in Houston are on the HISD board.

Grieder and the Chron share this liberal, political correctness problem with the HISD board. It is why our school property taxes are too damn high and climbing.

Another ginormous financial expenditure to Harris County taxpayers is the health care system. Harris Health is designed to provide health care to the indigent. A meeting of Harris County officials a few years back, which included the president of Harris Health, revealed that 70% of those treated by Harris Health are illegal aliens. SEVENTY PERCENT. This number is staggering.

Harris County property taxes have doubled over the last ten years and Harris Health is a large part of the reason. Health care costs are driven by numbers. If we don’t count people who rely on this system, we cannot know the true costs or develop a plan for future costs. Those of us paying health insurance premiums are paying for those without health care. Fixing our healthcare system is dependent on understanding the TRUE cost of health care – and that includes counting illegals.

The third rung of this little hidden triumvirate of illegal alien costs is the criminal justice system. It is also the most visible, if your eyes are open. On September 21, 2006, Houston Police Officer Rodney Johnson was murdered in cold blood by Juan Leonardo Quintero, a Mexican illegal alien who was previously deported after he received deferred adjudication for sexual assault of a child. In 1999, this sex offender again illegally entered our country after the owner of a landscaping business, Robert Lane Camp, paid for a coyote to to smuggle Quintero across our border.

Right here, I want to stop and give credit to Pat Lykos. When she was elected in 2008, she developed a simple rule: no probation of any kind for illegals.

On September 21, 2006, Officer Johnson pulled Quintero over for speeding. When Quintero failed to provide a driver’s license, Johnson arrested Quintero. While Johnson was writing his report in the front seat of his patrol car, a handcuffed Quintero managed to access a 9mm handgun from his waistband and shot Officer Johnson four times in the back of his head. A Harris County jury failed to give him the death penalty – a true miscarriage of justice.

Next time you are driving around Houston, observe the increase in tagging, which is generally a sign of gang activity. The transnational gangs have infiltrated Houston. The result is an increase in crime.

Unfortunately, the media generally engages in a cover up of the true relationship between crime and illegal aliens all in the name of political correctness and multiculturalism. Many aliens declare their status when they are arraigned in probable cause court and the notation appears in the clerk’s files. A magistrate asks illegals if they want their embassy to be notified of the arrest. This is especially important in death capital cases because an offender’s home country may be opposed to the death penalty. Thankfully, conservative leaders in Texas have begun tracking the costs of illegal alien crime in Texas and the statistics are breathtaking.

Ultimately, Grieder and the Chron want to protect illegal aliens at the cost of U.S. citizens – a true suppression of relevant facts. Liberals like Grieder and the Chron are shaking their fists at Republicans for daring to attempt to understand the true impact of illegals on Houston and Harris County taxpayers.

Houston is a Sanctuary City and the liberals want to keep it this way. The argument to not count illegals makes no sense. I cannot believe that any legitimate journalist who argues for less information should be taken seriously. The next time a member of the Houston Chronicle argues that they are a watchdog, ask them why less information is more important than the facts.



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    Build a big beautiful barrier. I have offered to pour concrete in Cameron, Hidalgo, Laredo, Starr, and Zapata Counties.

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    This woman doesn’t want them counted as illegal aliens; she wants them counted as CITIZENS. this is what the whole battle is about. If citizens’ votes are diluted, then our country is lost without firing a shot from these invaders.

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