Bruce Hotze

Crime and Politics

Harris County crime and punishment is the story of socialist social justice warriors run amok. Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg has gone twice to Commissioners Court to ask for funding for 104 new prosecutors. Eventually, after the Harding Street murders, the Commissioners Court democrats finally relented on the request and gave DA Ogg a
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Fourteenth Court of Appeals

Our local judiciary plays a vital role as a check and balance on local governance. And, boy do we need it with Annise Parker and, now, Sylvester Turner at the helm. Many citizens never see our courts, especially our appellate courts, in action. While some folks may serve as jurors in our lower courts, our
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Sylvester Turner's 15-2 Defeat

On Wednesday, City Controller Chris Brown told Houstonians that Mayor Turner is not who you may think he is. And Houston City Council’s 15-2 vote on Wednesday was not what you may think it was. Here is the real story. After Harvey, Mayor Turner alarmed Houstonians by announcing his desire to RAISE taxes on the victims of
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