Harris County Crime and Politics

Harris County crime and punishment is the story of socialist social justice warriors run amok. Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg has gone twice to Commissioners Court to ask for funding for 104 new prosecutors. Eventually, after the Harding Street murders, the Commissioners Court democrats finally relented on the request and gave DA Ogg a few new prosecutors for the specific purpose of investigating the fallout from Harding Street, including review of thousands of cases involving Houston Police Department Officer Gerald Goines.

Commissioner Rodney Ellis successfully recruited Commissioner Garcia and Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo (a true believer in the socialist social justice warrior ranks) to oppose DA Ogg’s request for more prosecutors while near doubling the Harris County Public Defender’s Office budget. In conjunction with the first denial, Ellis acolyte Audia Jones announced her candidacy for DA. Jones, an inexperienced lawyer, is an avowed socialist. Her husband, DeSean Jones, also an avowed socialist, was elected to the bench in November 2018 and currently serves as the judge of a felony district court. You may have heard his name in the news recently when he set a low bond for the killer of Maleah Davis.

Socialists are fighting to control and dominate local democratic politics much the same way they are at the national level. This fight is making us less safe and getting Harris County residents killed and murdered.

Local democrats have longed for control of county government and, specifically, the criminal justice system. Socialists started to creep in on the criminal justice scene with the advent of the Harris County Public Defender’s Office. One example is Franklin Bynum, one of the new misdemeanor judges, an avowed socialist, and an alum of the Public Defender’s Office. Bynum, Jones, and a few other socialists are now presiding over criminal cases in Harris County.

So, what is the result of these socialists leading Harris County? Let’s take a look at some of the individuals freed by misdemeanor and felony judges, which resulted in deaths.

This is Horace Marquese Harris. He was arrested as the Houston Police Department searched for carjacking suspects. He is ON BOND for CAPITAL MURDER. If you really want to know what is going on in our criminal justice system, you need to look at all of the facts. He has a prior aggravated robbery as a juvenile and was on deferred adjudication for assault of a public servant at the time that he was charged with capital murder. The State recommended ZERO as the bond amount. The judge set the bond at $100,000, which he made! This decision was made by a socialist judge. Harris County residents are dying for the sake of socialist social justice warriors.

Rodney Ellis and his socialist social justice warriors are making us less safe daily. Like all good socialists, Ellis has made a real good living off government. Ellis lives in a multi-million dollar mansion on Sunset Boulevard with a sizable art collection. Ellis has combined socialism and corruption in Harris County to enrich himself. Ellis leads the corruption in the county while Sylvester Turner leads the corruption in the city.

Let’s look at some more of the handy work of the socialist social justice warriors. Eric Black Jr. was recently released on bond for the murder of seven year old Jazmine Barnes. You may remember this as the “white guy did it” case. After an “investigation” led by super socialist social justice warrior Shaun King, two black gang members were arrested for killing little Jazmine.

None of the socialist social justice warrior agenda is about justice and keeping us safe. The Public Defender’s Office has long been an incubator for the progressive socialists agenda in Harris County.

In the Texas Senate, Ellis pushed for the creation of the Public Defender’s Office. Now he is filling it with people who share his agenda while depleting the DA’s Office. With the rise of this agenda, including the low bonds and low sentences for violent offenders, we are less safe. Socialism does not work anywhere, least of all in the criminal justice system. Liberalism in government always fails.

Socialist criminal justice dogma is based on racism. Socialists use political correctness to shadow their true intent. Minority defendants are treated differently than white defendants, which is a perversion of the criminal justice system and simply has no place.

The criminal justice system requires a thoughtful analysis of individual responsibility. With 22 felony judges and 16 misdemeanor judges focused on releasing criminal defendants on free bonds, we are less safe.

Thankfully, the actions of Ellis, Hidalgo, and Garcia have sprung Commissioners Radack and Cagle into action and they are doing all they can to support DA Ogg and the prosecutors working hard to make residents safe. But, Radack, Cagle, and Ogg need our support and assistance. You can help by paying close attention and voting these folks out of office.


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    Ogg is no great prosecutorial zealot. She’s the one releasing illegal alien murderers and rapists on low bonds, exposing Harris County citizens to the risk of these animals each and every day.
    There’s no one in the county government that is looking out for middle/working class citzens.

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    So if Audia Jones is elected, will DeSean step down as judge or will a special prosecutor be appointed in all the cases in his court?

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    We have a communist mayor, we have a communist county judge, we have a communist chief of police, we have a communist sheriff. How is it possible that we can see if Houston we have all of these communist and indeed criminals since they refuse to enforce immigration law in our midst. The answer is it is not possible, the decline will continue, Unless they were the people of Houston show up at the next election in huge numbers and vote them out.

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    I guess since “the white guy” didn’t do it most not have been a hate crime 🙄. Why do people ALWAYS have to try and bring skin color into things? Every race has had a history, we took from the American Indians, placed Japanese in camps, and the things that were done to the Jewish people is unthinkable, Muslims have been stoned etc! The only concern should have been some HORRIBLE person took that babies life! Their race and religion does not matter! The fact that he is a murdered her does.

    Also when you commit a crime you have to deal with the consequences. It is not about rich or poor. A rich person can sit there also because nobody trust them. If their record is clean ok bail reform or a PR bond is possible but if they have any previous charges then NO. The fact is obviously the didn’t learn, they think oh well they will let me out. It is not about social status. If a person doesn’t want to go to jail don’t do illegal things. If a person wants better material things then they have to work harder to get them not complain that it isn’t fair that Timmy has steak and you don’t 😥. Maybe Timmy’s parents grew up poor and decided they didn’t want their kids growing up like that. EVERYONE in this country has the same opportunities but you have to use them. Life isn’t free

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