Jeff Lindner on Hurricane Harvey

Harris County residents got to know Jeff Lindner, the meteorologist for the Harris County Flood Control District, during Hurricane Harvey. Harris County residents grew accustomed to Judge Ed Emmett as the voice of calm during storm events. After all, Judge Emmett taught us to hunker down. At first, it was obvious that Lindner was not
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Bill Frazer and Gary Polland join with Republican Party to oppose Prop A Pension Bonds

Former Houston City Controller candidate Bill Frazer and Gary Polland have joined the growing chorus of conservatives opposed to Proposition A, the City of Houston pension obligation bonds. Bill Frazier writes- City officials and other proponents claim the use of POBs will reduce the City’s pension liability and enable the City to fund future obligations.
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Prop A Misrepresentations

Today early voting begins for the City of Houston Elections. City officials and labor leaders are putting out a lot of false and misleading information concerning Proposition A. Let’s discuss a few of these misrepresentations. I heard several  times over the weekend Proposition A will not raise you taxes. A simple reading of English tells
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