Dan Cogdell

District G Needs BuzzSaw

Actually, the whole City of Houston needs BuzzSaw Buzbee, not just District G. During the September Harris County Republican Party Executive Committee meeting, the Local Government Committee rushed through an endorsement of Mary Nan Huffman. At the time, District G precinct chairs such as Advisory Board member Nancy Scott did not have the opportunity to
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Failin Phelan

Rusty Hardin Direct Examination of Brandon Cammack, Cross examination by Dan Cogdell. Then you have Derek Hollingsworth and Andy Drumheller lurking in the background. September 12, 2023 Ken Paxton Impeachment Trial – Day 6 started late. The House called Brandon Cammack, who testified with his lawyers, Derek Hollingsworth and Andy Drumheller, lurking in the background.
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