Ken Paxton Impeachment Trial – Day 6

Paxton Impeachment Trial

Rusty Hardin Direct Examination of Brandon Cammack, Cross examination by Dan Cogdell. Then you have Derek Hollingsworth and Andy Drumheller lurking in the background.

September 12, 2023

Ken Paxton Impeachment Trial – Day 6 started late. The House called Brandon Cammack, who testified with his lawyers, Derek Hollingsworth and Andy Drumheller, lurking in the background. Hollingsworth and Drumheller worked for Rusty Hardin for many years and Hollingsworth’s wife, Lara, continues to work for Rusty.

Derek Hollingsworth and Andy Drumheller

Cammack testified that he:

·      Knows Michael Wynne (counsel for Nate Paul) from the Rotary Club

·      Met with Paxton and Mateer

·      Was told by Paxton that his people were not working on the case 

·      Was told by Paxton that he just wanted to “find the truth”

·      Called the State Bar Ethics Hotline about the engagement and walked away from the conversation with a blessing on the work and congratulations

·      Once hired, met with Nate Paul and he was “convinced” by what he was shown

·      Met with Hardin for about eight hours in preparation for his testimony 

·      Never received any pushback from anyone (at the AG’s Office or the Travis County District Attorney’s Office) until he received a cease and desist letter from Mark Penley

·      Was never pressured by Paxton

·      Thought grand jury subpoenas were the most discrete way to investigate the case

The House then called Joe Brown, a former United States Attorney for the Eastern District of Texas. Brown was also considered for the outside counsel position. Importantly, Mateer never told Brown that the investigation was bogus or unnecessary.

Kendall Garrison from Amplify Credit Union testified about the three loans obtained by Nate Paul and World Class. Mitch Little absolutely shredded Garrison on cross examination. Turns out that there was a nationwide moratorium on foreclosures until July 30, 2020; so, no foreclosures could have been posted in time for the “midnight” opinion to impact those foreclosures. Garrison was forced to admit that Amplify lost zero dollars as a result of these three loans. Garrison was forced to admit the truth – Justin Bayne (working with Bryan Hardeman, Will Hardeman, and Mark Riley) formed three special purpose entities and purchased the loans from Amplify. Amplify did not lose a dime. 

Finally, another co-conspirator, Darren McCarty admitted that he has not paid Johnny Sutton one nickel. Buzbee made a strong showing by pointing out Sutton in the Senate Chamber. No promise to pay or arrangement to pay has been made. In fact, McCarty said, “I don’t know that I owe him [Sutton] anything.” 

McCarty attempted to paint Paxton’s advocacy for AG involvement in the Mitte Foundation as improper. Yet, the truth is that the Mitte Foundation has a sordid history. Under Abbott, the AG’s Office investigated the Mitte Foundation and, in 2019, the AG’s Office removed a board member.

Kenny Webster had an interesting Twitter post:

This is exactly right. Months ago, these House lawyers said:

“This is not about a one-time misuse of office. This is not about a two-time misuse of office. It’s about a pattern of misconduct. I promise you it is ten times worse than what has been public.” Rusty Hardin

“The scope of our inquiry was related to malfeasance, which is unlawful criminal activity.” Erin Epley

But, the House has not proven one article beyond a reasonable doubt, the highest legal standard. In truth, even crazy liberal democrats are questioning the House’s presentation.

You cannot trust that your senator sees the evidence this way. Contact your senator today.


Why are Rusty’s former partners, Derek Hollingsworth and Andy Drumheller, representing Brandon Cammack?

How many times has Rusty gone to the DA’s Office and sought charges on someone’s behalf?

How many times has Rusty gone to law enforcement and sought an investigation? 

How many times has Dick gone to the DA’s Office and sought charges on someone’s behalf?

How many times has Dick gone to law enforcement and sought an investigation?

Why did Rusty spent eight hours with Brandon Cammack and not ask about the relevant article of impeachment?

What are the connections to Bryan Hardeman? Will Hardeman? Justin Bayne? Mark Riley?

Why is the Mitte Foundation, a charitable organization, lending money on land deals and commercial real estate projects?

What other venture capital firms related to the Bushes are involved in Austin real estate?

What other venture capital firms related to Drunk Dade are involved in Austin real estate?

Which Bush lawyers are involved and have they been communicating with Johnny Sutton or are they affiliated with Sutton’s firm?

Did Amplify CEO profit from foreclosures personally?

Will Ken Paxton’s defense team call Pennybacker Capital executives?

Will they call George P. Bush? We need to hear from George P. Bush who called him and instructed him to activate his law license.

Which lobbyists are involved financially in any or all of these transactions?

Articles Chronologically

It helps to read the trial history from the start. The House Managers went first and it is in a chronological order according to their presentation. I start at the Prior Election Doctrine.


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    Dear Mr. Hooper. I am Shocked but pleased to read your article. TRUTHFUL JOURNALISM. Thank you. You can reach my name in your archives. I am Not NEW to monitoring and reporting on good/bad/corrupt politicians. The TRUTH IS IM

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    Important and the PUBLIC MUST KNOW. Thank you again. AG Paxton is a good man serving
    Conservatives in Texas and AMERICA FOR THAT MATTER and a few @holier than thou STAFF wants to stop that. Unto its own that is Criminal.

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    Ken Paxton is innocent. The guilty parties are the House RINOS that came up with the impeachment. Every single person voting for impeachment should be removed from office.

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    So a charitable organization (The Mitte Foundation) is lending money for land and real estate deals in Austin!! Let that sink in for a minute! How is George P. Bush involved in all this? I think the people voted for Ken over George P. for Texas AG! Humm…Day 6 was certainly interesting!

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    Thank you for the reporting!

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