District G Needs BuzzSaw

Actually, the whole City of Houston needs BuzzSaw Buzbee, not just District G. During the September Harris County Republican Party Executive Committee meeting, the Local Government Committee rushed through an endorsement of Mary Nan Huffman. At the time, District G precinct chairs such as Advisory Board member Nancy Scott did not have the opportunity to speak against the endorsement. Since that time, I have learned that a majority of District G precinct chairs actually support Tony Buzbee for District G. Sadly, Nancy Scott (and Tony Buzbee) were victims of Harris County Republican Party Chair Cindy Siegel’s top down autocratic culture. I experienced this a few months back when I properly filed two resolutions to be heard at the Executive Committee meeting. It was then that I learned that Cindy manipulates the Advisory Board to game issues or suppress speech.

At the last meeting, some good hearted folks from District G tried to raise the endorsement issue, but Siegel’s insiders manipulated the issue. Importantly, when one speaker raised Tony’s service to Texas through his representation of Attorney General Ken Paxton, I am quite certain that Impeachment Manager Briscoe Cain’s wife, a precinct chair, came out of her chair. Huffman’s coalition included a bunch of old “young” republicans supporting their friend, Huffman’s chief of staff, together with the anti-Paxton/pro-drunk Dade Phelan faction of the party.

Mary Nan Huffman was elected to city council at the beginning of 2022 when Greg Travis stepped down to run for state representative. While she has served on city council, she has also served as a lawyer for the Houston Police Officers Union. As a union lawyer, Huffman defends police officers against administrative and criminal charges. Wearing her city council hat, Huffman makes decisions and takes votes that impact her employer.

Is Huffman more “Republican” than Tony?

The first time Huffman voted in a Republican primary was 2020 – to vote for herself for DA. Huffman contributed to the Urban Justice and Equity PAC via Act Blue in October 2020. The Urban Justice and Equity PAC promoted democrats. On Monday evening, the “women of city council” are hosting a fundraiser for Huffman. These women include democrats Tarsha Jackson, Abbie Kamin, Carolyn Evans-Shabazz, Tiffany Thomas, Karla Cisneros, Martha Castex-Tatum, Letitia Plummer, and Sallie Alcorn. So, to be clear, the democrats want Huffman on city council.

Contrast this with Tony’s decision to represent then Governor Rick Perry against false criminal allegations and Attorney General Ken Paxton against a wrongful impeachment.

Tony has donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to both Republicans and Democrats. He also spent millions of his own to run for mayor in 2019. Imagine where Houston could be now if we had Tony at City Hall for the last four years. Now is the time to correct that error.

Why does Tony donate to democrats?

Tony Buzbee makes a living as a trial lawyer primarily representing personal injury plaintiffs. He has cases pending in most of the Harris County civil courts, which are occupied by democrat judges. In our system, judges receive campaign contributions and, quite frankly, expect contributions from lawyers with pending business in their courts. Tony (just like other trial lawyers) donates to these judges to gain favor in these courts. If republican judges occupied those benches, he would donate to them. The same logic applies to the reason why Tony served as the Galveston County Democratic Party Chair from 2003-2005 – a time when democrats controlled the benches in Galveston County and Tony had cases pending in those courts.

Will Tony take this job seriously?

Tony Buzbee worked a polling location throughout the first round and I anticipate that he will do the same in this runoff election. During the impeachment trial, Tony traveled home to campaign for city council. This is not a man resting on his laurels.

By now, you know Tony’s story. The son of a butcher and a cafeteria worker, Buzbee earned an ROTC scholarship to Texas A&M where he served as a Battalion Commander in the Corps of Cadets. Tony served in the Marine Corps, rose to the rank of Captain, and was awarded the Navy Commendation Medal.

Houstonians and District G deserve an advocate at City Hall – not just another go along to get along council member. We deserve a council member who will fight against tax increases, not vote twice for tax increases like Huffman. We deserve a council member with friends like Dan Moran, a retired Marine Corps Captain and Milton Ganz, a Marine who served with Tony. Great Houstonians like Mattress Mack, Michael Berry, Lance McCullers support Tony. Every living former District G council member supports Tony.

District G residents must vote now for Tony Buzbee. Visit harrisvotes.com to find your polling location. Early voting continues through December 5. Election Day is December 11.

A word or two from some former Marines who served with Tony


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