Party of Principle Martin

Gary Polland says it best – “We can have a party of principles with no money or we can have a party with money and no principles.” If you have known Gary for any length of time, you have heard him make this statement. He is, of course, referring to the Harris County Republican Party.
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Erica Grieder Illegal Aliens

Erica Grieder and the Houston Chronicle does not want the United States government to count illegal aliens in the 2020 census. Greider, the resident “conservative” at the Chron, lauded a recent decision by a federal judge in New York that prohibited the citizenship question from the upcoming census. Grieder writes- “That was the right call
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City of Houston SB2190

Houston Fire Department vs Mayor Sylvester Turner The Houston Firefighters’ disagreement did not start with a petition to change the City of Houston charter. It did not start with a lawsuit in State District Court Judge Dan Hinde’s court on parity. The issue began with the first negotiation as the smaller of the two Houston
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