The Kotex Cowboys Ride

The anti Ken Paxton, pro Dick Weekley/Rove/Bush establishment forces, aka the Kotex Cowboys, were out last night to stop the co-endorsement of Tony Buzbee for the District G race at the Harris County Republican Executive Committee Meeting. The pro Mary Nan Huffman group, led by her husband and the Kotex Cowboys, sought to demonize Buzbee by yelling, “Democrat!” This faction is also known for supporting Drunk Dade and democrat chairs in the Texas House. They also love the inherent conflicts of union lawyers on City Council.

Let’s talk about that for a minute. Mary Nan Huffman is a lawyer for the Houston Police Officers’ Union. This by no means suggests she supports good policing. Her job is to defend Houston Police officers who have been CHARGED with CRIMES and administratively punished. In 2020, Huffman was the Republican nominee against DA Kim Ogg. 2020 was a big year for Huffman because this was her first time to vote in a Republican Primary. Think about that for a second. The first time she ever voted in a Republican Primary was to vote for herself. So, when her husband was screaming, “Democrat! Democrat! Democrat!” about Tony Buzbee, it is crucial to understand for context that the first time Mr. Huffman ever voted in a Republican Primary was 2016.

Eli Huffman Voting History

Buzbee is a plaintiff’s lawyer and he is going to give to Democrat judges (the judges who currently hold almost every bench in Harris County). Buzbee would be doing a disservice to his clients by not doing so. His profession is very different. Buzbee has one hundred thousand clients that he represents. Democrat judges punish any lawyer who goes before them who is not a supporter. It is that clear. In truth, Buzbee has a long record of giving money to Republicans AND Democrats. For example, in 2017, Buzbee gave $30,000 to Texas Supreme Court Justice John Devine.

Getting back to the meeting. The real question before the body was whether or not the endorsements (suspiciously) given in the general election on November carry over to the runoff election. It is important to note that, under Cindy Siegel, the Harris County Republican Party’s Advisory Board often proclaims endorsements, circumventing the grassroots Executive Committee. Understand that Siegel and her posse spend hours plotting and planning against the REAL grassroots of the Harris County Republican Party. This was evident at the September 2023 Harris County Republican Executive Committee meeting when Siegel recognized Scott Bowen for an unnoticed and out of order endorsement resolution during his Local Government Committee report. Then, they slipped through the endorsement of Huffman.

At last night’s meeting, as soon as Nancy Scott, a longtime precinct chair and Republican activist, rose to oppose the endorsement of Huffman, Siegel’s Advisory Board members and the Kotex Cowboys went to work. Sean Cheben (Houston Community College Trustee candidate) and Rolando Garcia ran/ walked fast to the microphone. You should never listen to or vote for Cheben for anything, by the way. I’ll get back to this in a minute. Cheben made a parliamentary move to rule Scott’s motion out of order. The counter argument made by the Parliamentarian was that the runoff election was a new election and a new endorsement was necessary. Well the Kotex Cowboys were having none of it and really don’t like former Marine Corp Captains-leaders.

Siegel ruled that the runoff is a new election and Kotex Cowboy wrangler Cheben immediately moved to overrule the decision of the Chair. This was shocking to Siegel – her Kotex Cowboy was out of line. I am still laughing about Siegel’s reaction. The Weekley/Rove/Phelan faction of the Harris County Republican Party was not going to let Buzbee be co-endorsed. Despite the prominent objections from key leaders of the District G precincts, the Kotex Cowboys won the day (for now). Interestingly, Mary Jane Smith voted against her trusted acolyte, Nancy Scott.

Getting back to Kotex Cowboy wrangler Cheben, the Senate District 15 Chair who moved to adjourn the meeting when my resolution on election integrity was on the agenda (and somehow failed to make the next agenda’s old business). I could have easily walked up to the microphone last night and called for a quorum ending the discussion and the meeting would end with no endorsements. Realizing the Kotex Cowboy vote is weak in a runoff election, I decided the whole debate helped Buzbee. I sure enjoyed watching Siegel’s stunned face as the Kotex Cowboys turned on her – priceless.

Yes, I will not be supporting Cheben for the Houston Community College Trustee position. Weak men make for weak times and the Kotex Cowboys have got to go.


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    Wow….so Huffman is really a democrat! We need Buzbee because he will take care of his constituents! No doubt about it!

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      I wouldn’t call her a Democrat more of a union lawyer representing city employees on the council. I was wondering when the Houston Fire Department union lawyer gets a council seat.

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