Former Sheila Jackson Lee Staffer Named in Harris County Jail Drug Dealing Conspiracy

There seems to be more than one lawyer involved in the latest Harris County Jail drug dealing conspiracy. Last week, we saw elderly criminal defense attorney, Ron Lewis, arrested for delivering dope to Harris County Jail inmates. Now, a recently released search warrant affidavit and probable cause affidavit name former Sheila Jackson Lee staffer and current criminal defense lawyer Taylor Thames as a member of this conspiracy.

On November 1, 2023, Brianna Scott was charged with conspiracy to deliver simulated sheets of paper under the belief that they are laced in contraband to a Harris County Jail inmate. Scott allegedly coordinated with Thames to deliver the dope to D’onta Allen, Scott’s boyfriend. Thames, as Allen’s lawyer, would visit him in the Harris County Jail and supposedly deliver the drug laced paper (“paper” or “dominoes”).

It is unclear at this time whether SheJack referred to Thames as “Boo Boo, Sh*t Ass, or Fu#! Face.” I am also working to confirm whether Thames has endorsed SheJack’s mayoral campaign or Sean Teare’s DA campaign. Both seem likely.

What we do know is that two lawyers – one elderly lawyer with an history of drug possession and one newly licensed lawyer – are accused of delivering drug-laced paper to the Harris County Jail. There are more questions than answers right now. From the court documents it is clear that there is at least one confidential informant who claims that the going rate for one sheet of paper was $3,000. There may be a cooperating witness or two. The stakes are high because several inmates have died. Murder charges are just around the corner.

Let’s say it is true that each sheet was selling for $3,000. How could jail inmates afford that? How were they making the payment? How could this go on for so long without detection? How could drugs be brought in to the Harris County Jail without detection? Obviously, this conspiracy is much bigger than what has been released so far.

Our community has been ravaged by fentanyl. Many young people have died in Houston. The Marxists behind “criminal justice reform” (looking at you Lina, Rodney, Adrian, Lesley, Arnold Foundation, Alec Karakatsanis) have intentionally failed to properly fund the crime laboratories so this epidemic can be prosecuted. They have also intentionally failed to fund the Harris County Jail. This is all by design.

Marxists and their media allies have made Harris County Jail conditions a big story for the last few years. The Harris County Deputies Organization has complained to the Texas Commission on Jail Standards and deputies and detention officers have filed a class action lawsuit against Harris County for a dangerously under-manned county jail.

The four democrats on Harris County Commissioners Court have steadfastly refused to improve jail conditions and now we know that at least two criminal defense lawyers are accused of being involved in a conspiracy to deliver dope to inmates.

The poor jail condition narrative is a copy of the Marxist narrative of Rikers Island in New York – create such a horrible place so the argument is that no one should be sent there. The Marxists’ goal: to close all the jails and operate the criminal justice system with social workers.

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