The Return of Devon Anderson

Return of Devon Anderson

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It was innocuous – nothing more than a trip to Treebeards. Some people call it the Church or Cloister because it is located in the Parish Hall of Christ Church Cathedral. Every weekday, from 11 a.m. until 2 p.m., this restaurant is filled to the brim with courthouse folks and jurors.

So, it was a surprise to see [former Harris County DA] Devon Anderson eating lunch at the Church last week. For the last year and a half, Devon’s bar profile has included the following phrase: “Unemployed, looking for work.” It seems as though her buddies have finally come to her aid and created an easy, non-legal job just for her.

Some people say that Devon never returned to the DA’s office after her defeat in November 2016. No one had really seen Anderson since she tightly embraced Nick Socias at her HPOU “victory” party. Sure, she had been spotted around town here and there; but, Devon was not taking any visible steps to practice law.

In November 2016, Harris County voters sent Devon Anderson packing. Was it Devon’s indictment of pro-life activists David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt? Or, maybe her mishandling of the David Temple case. Or Alfred Dewayne Brown? In the end, the fact that Devon jailed a sexual assault survivor to compel her testimony was reason enough to fire Anderson. Unfortunately, Devon tainted the entire Harris County Republican Party ticket in 2016.

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Teresa May

Surprisingly, Devon’s pal, Teresa May [not THAT Theresa May], threw her a bone and created a job just for Devon – Manager of Community Relations. So, the DA who jailed a sexual assault survivor is now managing community relations?

The judges who hired May should hold her accountable for this nonsense. Or, are they in on it too? Certainly Devon is not making more money that the hardworking probation officers who work to make our community safe on a daily basis, right?


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    yeesh, hadn’t thought about her in a while, may she remain under her rock

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    I wonder why Community Supervision recently sent Devon Anderson packing. A good follow up to this would be Teresa May and the Executive team, ineffective programs that have been implemented at Harris County Community Supervision since Teresa May became the director and lack of transparency.

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