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Dade Phelan Democrats in the House

You see these Goebbelesque statements coming from the far left wing Texas reporters like Robert Downen, Scott Braddock, and Bud Kennedy. Yelling “Nazi Nazi Nazi” is nothing new for the Christian hating liberal Texas reporters and they are the fascists they claim others to be. Most work for failed publications that are heavily subsidized by the elitist left. Their job description is to effectuate a leftist talking point to be used in elections. Robert Downen in particular really hates Christians. The uniqueness of this NAZI NAZI NAZI political hit job on conservatives is those participating on the Republican side of the aisle. The target is conservative donors who despise human trafficking, genital mutilation, and Marxist teacher unions.

The Abbott acolytes whose goal is to defund conservatives are teaming with the usual Drunk Dade Phelan pro HAMAS BLM elements and the ever present human traffickers. Cat Parks, Mark McCaig, Derrick Wilson, Jason Vaughn, Hunter Bonner, Cait Whitman, Morgan Graham, Chad Wilbanks, Mathew Brownfield are literally wearing themselves out shouting “NAZI”. Weekley operatives are particularly desperate to save Drunk Dade Phelan after his failed attempt to take out our conservative Attorney General Ken Paxton. Human trafficking is big business and important to Weekley for the cheap labor needed for construction. Weekley teams with the HAMAS supporting Democrats to keep the borders open.

Andrew Murr, the Drunk Dade appointed chair of the General Investigating Committee, has already gone down by deciding not to run for reelection. The sham impeachment was seen for what it was by Murr’s voters who very unceremoniously let him know he was going to be beaten like a poor step child in the election. Understand that, this session, Murr carried the priority bills for Weekley’s business courts and TLR. Weekley had spent over 10 million dollars trying to defeat Ken Paxton in the primary and Andrew Murr led the General Investigating Committee that moved to impeach Ken Paxton. There are no coincidences in Austin. You very uncooperative Republican primary voters didn’t like Weekley’s choices for Texas Attorney General so Weekley went to his Democrat playbook and had Drunk Dade and Murr impeach the Attorney General.

These Republican house races are expensive and the TLR donors know it is going to be costly to defend the state representatives who voted for Ken Paxton’s impeachment.

Literally, the biggest friends of Israel we have in our state are who they are claiming to be Nazis. It is a Marxist Socialist tactic and those doing it are the clowns above. Then you get to the YRs who promote transgender and BLM issues as so called Republicans.

You get poor Rolando Garcia joining in the Nazi chorus because he does not like certain donors. The latest Rolando issue is the YR’s disassociating themselves from RPT. Matt Rinaldi endorsed a woman against the Texas YRs BLM candidate. Derrick Wilson and his merry band of misfits disassociated themselves from RPT after BLM guy got elected and Wilson has been bitching and screaming ever since. I call them the Kotex Cowboys and the title befits exactly who the Wilson YRs have become. None of these people you would ever take to a bar or gunfight. Very weak men who literally have nothing better to do with their time than run around calling people Nazis because we don’t like their BLM candidates or radical criminal justice reform agenda.

Matt Rinaldi endorsed the other person!

The herd needs to be culled from time to time and all Republicans and conservatives need to run these elements out of our party. They are operating on the periphery now, which is good. The Marxist/ Nazi struggle session tactics should be called out for what they are, which is Marxist nonsense. The Republican Party cannot survive and will self destruct aligning ourselves with human traffickers, big government trough feeders, and the Marxist criminal justice reform agenda that has destroyed Austin and Houston. This is exactly what the above folks are attempting to do to RPT.


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    Truer words have never been spoken! The flawed Republican system has operated from the strings of open border, abortion is a big business, and the transgender of children bring big woke Corporations into Texas. So for the last 23 years, in spite of the fact the Republicans have controlled every branch of office.. top down – Governor- Lieutenant Governor, – Senate- House- and down, we have never passed one Legislative priority until 2020. Since 2020, the SREC supported by an army of grassroots have made transparency their mission. Consequently, we started seeing some of our Legislative priorities passed. It is no secret, and Lt Dan Patrick has made it clear that the House of Representatives is controlled by the Democrats. He has pounded the message they could not be in control unless the Republicans let them. Finally and thankfully the Texas GOP is in a transformation. Strong Republicans are lined up across Texas to challenge the Rino Representatives that kill good bills, and vote overwhelming with the Democrats to pass bad bills. The scam impeachment escapade have the majority of our Republican voted, but Democrat controlled Reps on the ropes. There is no question we have the support of our upper branch of Texas Government to unseat Dade Phelan who has appointed Democrats to chair our committees. The question remains.. are they ready to give up their connections with Texas Law Suit Reform, open borders Dick Weekley, and Karl Rove’s establishment organization ART? Are we going to get more Republican control of our Party, but leave some of the old players that cater to to the Democrat agenda in place?After all, their funds have bought their awful control of the Party for decades. Or, will it be in with new and out with old. Unfortunately, the Democrat playbook of lies, scandals, everybody’s a racist or Nazi is being targeted at the Pacs that exclusively support the Conservative challenging the establishment Rino incumbents. What is wrong with this picture?

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      Thank you Deborah, I have been remiss in not posting more about these subject matters. The devil is at play and money is certainly the root cause of most of this evil. There were more not named here whose day is coming and election season is upon us. I do not write for money and you don’t see sponsors on my website. I write to seek the truth and justice.

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    Are you the Texas Truth Detector?

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