Jordan Berry and the Paxton Impeachment

Paxton Impeachment Trial

Let’s talk about Jordan Berry, Lacey Hull’s political consultant.

This is Jordan Berry (aka Dick Weekley’s step and fetch it guy).

This is also Jordan Berry:

For the last two legislative sessions, Berry has been a registered lobbyist for the Las Vegas Sands Corp. and Texans for Lawsuit Reform. Berry’s biggest bet is that you won’t read this article.

Berry is a registered lobbyist for Charter Schools Now, Las Vegas Sands Corp., Tesla, Texans for Free Enterprise, Texans for Lawsuit Reform, Texas Leadership Business Council, and Texas Optometric Association.

Many lobbyists, including Berry, also play the political consultant game. Berry’s consulting business is called Berry Communications. Why the political consulting business? Pretty simple, really – if you get someone elected to office, you have gained their confidence and, presumably, influence.

As we heard during the impeachment trial, Berry previously served as Ken Paxton’s political consultant. Gossip Girl Cat Lady testified that Berry was at the meeting when Paxton revealed his affair. Berry “resigned” as Paxton’s political consultant after the co-conspirators against Paxton went public. Isn’t it ironic?

For the last two years, Berry has been the political consultant for the following House members:
Brad Buckley
Dustin Burrows
Briscoe Cain
Caroline Harris
Richard Hayes
Cole Hefner
Lacey Hull
Carrie Isaac
Jared Patterson
Dade Phelan
Mike Schofield
Matt Shaheen
Carl Tepper
Ellen Troxclair
Terri Leo Wilson

Of this group, only Caroline Harris, Carrie Isaac, Mike Schofield, and Terri Leo Wilson voted against impeachment (HR 2377). On his January 15, 2024 report, Drunk Dade reported an “in kind for political advertising” expenditure of $58,080 to Berry Communications. WTH? Is this for Lacey’s benefit?

Berry also serves as the political consultant for the following state senators:
Bryan Hughes
Mayes Middleton
Charles Perry
Drew Springer

Thankfully, Hughes, Middleton, Perry, and Springer did the right thing and voted against the impeachment hoax.

Consultants need funding for campaigns and Berry’s clients are TLR/ Dick Weekley funded. For example, on August 30, 2023, TLR gave Lacey Hull $30,000. From reviewing the campaign finance reports, TLR/Weekley are giving money directly to certain candidates and also giving large amounts of money to Phelan, who distributes the money to his friends (including democrats).

Be assured that TLR/Weekley’s principles/goals are passed down to Phelan and friends. One of the most important goals for Weekley: cheap (maybe illegal) labor – the bread and butter of the construction (and other) industry. No border wall. No E-Verify. Sanctuary cities. That’s the game. The real hidden tax is the cost of education, healthcare, and the criminal justice system. It is a huge hidden burden and tax on the legal residents of Texas and property owners. It takes an army of legislators to keep these illegal immigration magnets in place. Just recently, Harris County passed a multi-billion dollar bond for Harris Health to treat illegals. We pay full price. They pay nothing.

So, what is the Texas Legislature doing about it? With members like Lacey Hull, throw in a little Pfizer money and she’s good to go.

Here are some questions for Lacey Hull during this primary season:
Who is Lacey Hull and how did she get to Houston?
Why does she participate in TLR/Weekley’s pass through via Drunk Dade scheme?
Does Jordan Berry and his operation use Lacey Hull for other purposes at the Capitol?
How involved are Jordan Berry and Drunk Dade in Arnold Ventures?

More to follow.

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    Thanks. When I was receiving the bombardment of push-polls, several per day. I kept responding that it made no difference, I would vote to throw her out.

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