Paxton Impeachment Trial

Paxton Impeachment Trial

Notes from the trial

September 6,2023

It is what we thought is was – a conspiracy to commit a coup against Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton. Yesterday, for the first time since this saga began, the public finally heard testimony under oath about the actual facts. Here’s what we know about the Paxton Impeachment Trial:

  • Mateer is guilty of spoliation because he destroyed all of his text messages, even after receiving a preservation of evidence notice.
  • Mateer (and his co-conspirators aka the “Cool Kids Club” aka the “Federalist Society Elitists”) hired Johnny Sutton (former Harris County ADA, former disgraced Western District of Texas US Attorney (appointed by George W. Bush)) before he went to the FBI to report General Paxton for unknown alleged crimes.
  • Mateer (and his co-conspirators) tried to authorize taxpayer funds to pay for Sutton’s representation of them.
  • Mateer (and his co-conspirators) (after hiring Sutton) went to the FBI and the Governor’s Office (met with Abbott’s General Counsel, Jeff Oldham, Abbott’s Assistant General Counsel, James Sullivan, and Abbott’s Chief of Staff, Luis Saenz) behind General Paxton’s back
  • After Mateer (and his co-conspirators) went to the FBI and Governor’s Office, Mateer received an atta boy text from Richard “Dick” Trabulsi
  • Mateer (and his co-conspirators) tampering with a government document (Texas Attorney General’s Office letterhead) by removing General Paxton from the letterhead and used this letterhead to send official correspondence
  • Immediately after Mateer (and his co-conspirators) informed Sutton, the FBI, and the Governor’s Office about their “good faith” allegations, George P. Bush applied to renew his Texas law license (in preparing his run for Texas AG – or maybe to get an appointment by Abbott)

I am on Twitter, this is the lunch break. Ryan Bangert has been in cross awhile by Anthony Osso Jr. He is a Houston Lawyer who works with Dan Cogdell and a former prosecutor at the Harris County DA’s Office. I posted this Twitter thread early this morning I encourage you to read my suggested questions.

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