There Are NO Coincidences in Austin

Jeff Leach had an interesting session. One thing for sure is his biggest affair seems to be with Karl Rove and TLR, not Lacey Hull. This may come as a surprise to Mrs. Leach.

September 16, 2023

Is Jeff Leach serving his constituents or Karl Rove, Dick Weekley, and Texans for Lawsuit Reform?

After Leach, Drunk Dade’s Chair of the Judiciary and Civil Jurisprudence Committee, voted to impeach Ken Paxton, he received atta boys from Karl Rove, Dick Weekley, and Texans for Lawsuit Reform. During the very brief donation period for the Texas Legislature in June, Jeff Leach received $25,000 from Texans for Lawsuit Reform; $2,500 from Karl Rove; and $5,000 from Dick Weekley. This was Karl Rove’s only Texas donation this year according to Texas Ethics Commission reports.

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