A Hunt in the Bush for CD7

CD 7 Candidate Wesley Hunt

Wesley Hunt is the establishment, pro-illegal immigration candidate in the Congressional District 7 (CD 7) race. You can tell this by his support from the “C” Club, which is a group of liberal, self-serving democrats who call themselves conservatives. Hunt would not be voting with the President’s agenda in Washington. You knew the “Never Trumpers” would field a candidate to replace John Culberson and Hunt is that guy. Wesley Hunt brought his candidacy to the Downtown Pachyderm and I was a little surprised by some of his answers to my questions.

Hunt works for Perry Homes and I wanted to ask him about Bob Perry’s efforts to establish Houston as a sanctuary city. Hunt responded by declaring that he did not believe that Houston was a sanctuary city. This is, of course, preposterous.

The City of Houston joined other Texas sanctuary cities in filing a lawsuit to stop Senate Bill 4, which passed last session. Houston city council voted to join this lawsuit, which makes Houston by definition a sanctuary city. Of course, the city lost this legal battle. Hunt literally had no knowledge of this history. Yikes!

Houston has been a sanctuary city through policy and practice for many years. Ever wonder why the police allow hundreds of thousands of Houston drivers to operate an automobile without insurance or a license? Houston roads are filled with complete lawlessness. The law abiding citizen is paying the costs of every uninsured, unlicensed driver in Houston. This is a tax enacted through the sanctuary city policies of the city and permitted by national, state, and local elected officials.

The city’s sanctuary status is wreaking financial havoc on many of our public institutions such as education, public safety, and our health system. Many illegal aliens (especially those from Central America) have never attended school before in their home countries. The remedial needs of these new students is financially devastating to HISD, in particular.

At Easter, my minister introduced a six month prayer challenge. Pray for something each day for six months and see if changes occur. He is praying for HISD and, boy, do they need it!

Right now, there is a struggle within HISD over where funds should be spent. The influx of illegal aliens has taken money away from other underserved areas. The underserved legal citizen v. illegal alien struggle is real in HISD.

Every year, HISD receives millions of dollars from the federal government, yet there has been an absence of accountability for many years. Non-performing schools, teachers, students just float on by without any elected officials pushing for accountability. I have decided that local politicians want HISD to fail.

Harris County has several large money sucks one of which is Harris Health. Every illegal alien in our community is using the services of our county healthcare system. It is estimated that seventy percent of the costs at Harris Health are attributed to illegal aliens.

HISD + Harris Health + Illegal aliens operating cars without license or insurance is exactly why our property taxes are through the roof. Dick Weekley and his merry band of misfits cater to Hispanics by reducing accountability, ignoring the rule of law, and promoting illegal immigration. Wesley Hunt will offer no relief to taxpayers in CD 7.

Throughout his speech, Hunt touted his military background, which is admirable. I asked Hunt about Max Boot and the neocon policies that led to the invasion of Iraq, Syria, and Afghanistan. Hunt was unfamiliar with Max Boot – never heard of him. Um, okay . . . scary. Boot and Bill Kristol, Trump critics, were all in on the weapons of mass destruction theory and vociferously promoted the idea of an invasion of Iraq following the September 11 attacks. These same folks are working to provoke a fight with Iran. and promoted the invasion of Syria.

So far in the conversation, Hunt does not believe that Houston is a sanctuary city, is weak on the rule of law and protecting our country from illegal aliens, and is blank on Max Boot.

Tucker Carlson, Max Boot discussing Neo-con interventionist policies.

America has been at war in Afghanistan and Iraq since since shortly after September 11, 2001. We have troops in Syria and many other countries. How long do we stay? What are our goals? Does democracy actually work in those regions where culturally religious theocracies have prevailed for over a thousand years?

While I am not too keen on some of Cindy Siegel’s supporters (another story for another time – hint: a track suit is involved), Hunt’s supporters raise serious questions about his candidacy.

He is surrounded by many of the pro-illegal alien forces within the “Republican” party. The same Never Trumpers who are against the wall and protecting our borders. Hunt is using some of Paul Simpson’s consultants. Ask any Harris County elected official how that is working for them. There is only one countywide Republican left – Don Sumners – and he sits on an obscure education board.

It is also very disconcerting to see that Hunt has only voted in one Republican primary and three general elections, not a stellar voting history. Some likely thought that Hunt would be a viable candidate fresh off the success of Dan Crenshaw. Yet, they failed to consider the message and beliefs of the candidate. Crenshaw is working to protect our borders. Meanwhile, Hunt, by all accounts, will continue to support the large influx of a low wage workforce.

Hunt moved here recently from New York. Who influenced him to come here? And, why? Can CD 7 taxpayers survive the invasion of over 100,000 illegal aliens pouring over our border every month?

I suggest to you that Hunt is not the answer for CD 7.


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    This article is nonsense. Wes has been a strong supporter for legal immigration and getting the wall. Just because he didn’t vote in a primary or know some obscure character makes him a fake? That’s the equivalent to a child saying “You’re not a REAL conservative unless you do it EVERYTHING I say.” Nonsense.

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      Tamon, the article is about illegal immigration, not legal immigration. Specifically, it is about those who actively use cheap illegal immigrant labor in their business model and who they support for office and why. The article also talks about the costs to our local healthcare and education systems.

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    Don Hopper is an uninformed wanna be. A joke.

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