Voting and the County Clerk

Voting and issues with the new Harris County Clerk Dianne Trautman did not take long. This was compounded by the revelation 58,000 voters may have voted illegally by Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton. The latter is leaving liberals breathless.

Voting occurs all the time in Harris County and City, State, and Municipal elections run on separate cycles. This does not count the special district and bond elections which are often run by the Clerk’s office. It is a big job.

We were all curious to see how Trautman would do with the special election for House District 145, Carol Alvarado’s old seat. Carol was elected to replace Sylvia Garcia as State Senator on the East side of town.

Stan Stanart and his team ran an amazing operation with over 900 precincts to monitThe team had been together for years with many moving over from the Tax Assessor’s office where Stan headed up technology. Stan himself was an electrical engineer who previously had worked for Compact Computers.

When Stan left the newly elected County Clerk fired Stan’s top staff. A lot of eyes rolled as everyone in the state recognized the voting brain trust for the state had been fired. Harris County is the third largest county in the US and the largest in Texas, by far. Stan’s staff had testified and spoke at the Capitol often concerning elections and best practices. No question Stan’s staff were expert’s in election fraud.

Interestingly, the biggest victims of election fraud have been Democrats themselves. Each party contracts with the Clerk’s office to conduct elections. Each party has a designate who organizes the election for their party, Republican and Democrat. All of this is governored by the state election code.

Some questions are arising about how Clerk Trautman is staffing elections and the questionable overtime being paid by her conducting the special election in HD145. Remember there is a Republican candidate in this election Martha Fierro so Republicans are watching with a keen eye.

Let’s look

So immediately upon inspection one quickly notices that 6 of 8 early voting locations are outside of HD145. This could be a rookie mistake or designed to influence the election in favor of a particular candidate. There are 8 early voting locations.

Clerk watchers have noticed Trautman’s reporting of mail-in-ballots has been off by as much as 200%. The Clerk’s office usually reports the number of earlier voters and those mail-in-ballots that have came in that day. The Clerk’s office maintains a list of mostly political consultants that monitors the list daily and notified of results.

Most of the comments of the HD 145 election have surrounded overtime paid to people working the election. Small elections like the HD 145 usually have early voting hours from 8:30-4:30. Trautman has early voting workers working 7-7 shifts running up overtime and stressing folks working long shifts, which separates them from their families.

These could be rookie mistakes or a signal from things to come. Remember most of the voter fraud in the county comes from Democrats trying to cheat other democrats in their own primary elections. There has been a lot of allegations of the years and lots of litigation resulting in election challenges.

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